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Pergola / Arbor Pictures & Design Ideas

Pergola / Arbor Ideas
Little Yard of Horrors

Little Yard of Horrors

We see quite a few yards in need of a makeover here at YardShare, and this one is probably in the top 10. Owner George Graf describes his yard as downright ďscaryĒ. Itís littered with rotting wood and broken stone....


fire pit design ideas

Fire Pit Design Tips From The Masters

Building a backyard fire pit is a favorite DIY project. You dig a hole, put some bricks and sand in the bottom, and install a decorative pit border with some rocks or bricks. Sounds simple, right?...


putting green in backyard

If Jack Nicklaus Landscaped Your Yard...

Youíd have a golf course. Or, at least youíd have a putting green. Maybe just a mini golf course? If youíve got a real tee time addiction, even just a coffee can buried in the ground might do....



Make Room For Nature On Your Patio

A patio is a transitional space between your home and the great wilderness (AKA: your backyard). Unfortunately, many of these spaces languish as barren concrete deserts. Itís time to think about ways to bring in the green without sacrificing the utility of your patio. ...



Three Ways To Avoid Pergola Purgatory

A pergola is more than four posts and a roof. This ďhardscapingĒ feature only works if itís done right. Here are tips to keep in mind when you are constructing yours......


A Yard With a View

A Yard With A View

If you want a picture perfect yard, you need to look at it through an artistic lens. Every window and door in your home is like a frame for a portion of your yard. As you develop your landscaping strategy, think about how your yard will look from each of these vantage points. ...



All Decked Out

For easily-accessible outdoor entertainment space, itís hard to beat a deck. As a rule, decks typically feel more like a part of the house than a part of the garden. But if you have a deck, thereís probably no better vantage point from which to view your gardenÖ and there may be no part of your outd...



Killer Looks For Concrete

Concrete. Itís cold, itís grey, itís boring. Hold onto those suppositions for just a moment. Itís been calculated that concrete is the second-most-consumed substance on earth, behind only water. Or think about it this way: there is almost one ton of concrete produced for every single human on the ...



Outdoor Kitchens: Cooking Up Some Ideas

So youíve decided to take the plunge and create your own outdoor kitchen? Good for you. Letís face it, wheeling out that dusty grill every time you want to fire up some dogs and burgers is pretty lame. Permanent, built-in structures dedicated to outdoor cooking are all the rage, and itís not a fa...



Made For The Shade

One of the main reasons a lot of us do not spend more time outside is the heat. No matter how great your yard is, who wants to go hang out and get battered by the blazing hot sun? Shade is a necessity for any landscape thatís meant to be enjoyed. In fact, Iíd be willing to bet that thereís a part...