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Front Yard Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Front Yard Yards
     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The Burr Front Yard

    The Burr Front Yard

    Owner: REBurr1974 Location: Covington

    Our new home. I really want to brighten up the front entrance, remove the boxwoods, put in some rocks / hardscaping, flowers and plants. Definitely keeping the Rhodies....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: summer project

    summer project

    Owner: vanthonyc Location: stroudsburg

    front house...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: patio


    Owner: landscapes Location: pahrump

    summer yard...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My house

    My house

    Owner: laverne Location: Atlanta

    My house in front yard...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My Wendy House

    My Wendy House

    Owner: annemstevens Location: Gresham

    Hopefully perfect after I am done with it. :)...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front yard

    Front yard

    Owner: raymel417 Location: miami

    Its a work in progress, the grass is full of weeds and ugly patches. The look I'm going for is contemporary....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front Yard

    Front Yard

    Owner: Jessica Voloch Location: greensburg

    Looking to "urban farm". Need some advice on how to approach changing my front yard from the typical yard to an abundant garden of veggies and herbs....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Crow\'s Nest Way-Front Yard

    Crow's Nest Way-Front Yard

    Owner: Al\'s Maintenance Services Location: Stouffville

    This house was in a new development that we did the landscaping for a co-worker of my girlfriend. The deck was done by Hickory Dickory Decks and the fence was done by one of their employees. In the yard we installed a drain from teh eavestroughs so the water wouldn't cause ice in the spring and to...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My neighbors don\'t like my front garden :(

    My neighbors don't like my front garden :(

    Owner: allthatca Location: Carlsbad

    They told me there's no rhyme or reason to the plantings. They say it's just a mish mosh of stuff. Any suggestions?...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: garden by pond

    garden by pond

    Owner: Sam(Sandy) Location: Sunbury

    This is a perennial garden next to our 1/2 acre pond.It's mostly daisies,coneflowers,loosestrife ,daylilies , black eyed susans and lambsears....I love old fashioned plants Grandma used to have.......

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front..SOS NEED HELP!

    Front..SOS NEED HELP!

    Owner: mspkatz13 Location: North Reading

    End unit condo. Open palette to add bushes, shrubs, trees and flowers. Window in the front so shrubs should not exceed approx. 4 feet in height. Right side lines the entrance and is on the side of a garage. I just ripped all the old stuff out and in need of ideas, suggestions and HELP???...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Cottage Garden update

    Cottage Garden update

    Owner: Geraldine Dean Location: Hickory

    Here are some pictures of my flowerbeds next to the house. I added a few new plants, and you can see how much the older plants have grown. You'll also get a better lay of the land, and see how much of a slope my garden is growing on. I added a few pics of what the garden looks like in between it's e...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: mayflower


    Owner: azamf03 Location:


     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Pickles Peaceful Place

    Pickles Peaceful Place

    Owner: ampicklz Location: Vale

    Our yard started out with nothing planted in it 10 years ago. Planting and growing things has become our hobby and we get so much pleasure from it and satisfaction as it becomes more beautiful each year. Nothin professional about it, just country gardeners planting plants we enjoy and sharing them w...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front yard project

    Front yard project

    Owner: Diane Cloughessy Location: Oak Harbor

    We started out with a grassy, mossy area and a lot of individual spots where the grass was not growing. The only way to get to our frontdoor was by walking up the driveway. We live in a Cul de sac and most people park directly in front of the house so we needed a walkway from that area. My husband a...

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