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Its our house and the gardens surround it. We also have the Goldstream creek running thru our backyard and have moose as fall garden clean up crew. We also have frost in every month but June and July so we have to garden with hardy plants and fast growers.we have 8 total gardens

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1 of 26: our water feature...Fox Creek

2 of 26: Front

3 of 26: bath time

4 of 26: front bed

5 of 26: A perspective of our 8'window boxes

6 of 26: Greenhouse

7 of 26: Teresa and our 50 lber's

8 of 26: Aurora's over late August flowers

9 of 26: Fireweed

10 of 26: Bachlor button re-seed even up here

11 of 26

12 of 26: Fox Grdens mascot from the wild

13 of 26: Our driveway

14 of 26: side bed blooms

15 of 26: Tomatoes are here 2010

16 of 26: Our front perennial bed

17 of 26: fall colors here are yellow and gold only

18 of 26: back path

19 of 26: Morning light of August

20 of 26: just perdy...

21 of 26: they were out strong over Fox

22 of 26: Myself and my 2 garden cleaners who arrive each fall as soon as the frost kills the smelly flowers and the cabbage smells soooooo good to a moose

23 of 26: Our delphinium bed..i once grew one 10 foot 2 inches tall !!!

24 of 26: Moose poop in my adult sized big hand

25 of 26: 58 lbs Sept 18th 2009

26 of 26: We grow all our own starts in spring

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Awsme dude can't wait to be home

Hi Gary! You should submit a couple of your pics in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started. Maybe a shot of that enourmous cabbage!

Hello Ron...if you click ..other gardens by our Fox Gardens....we have one there of 7 months of snow and it has lot of winter pics...Gary

Hey thanks Gary look will you send some pictures with there is a lot of snow. (Winter Time)

its zone 2 here. We grow some perenials but mostly very hardy annuals that can withstand a light frost. We have our first frost alot of years end of Aug or 1st part of Sept. First snow in Sept and lasting snow 1st of Oct. so our gardens are white till May. We can catch Graylin out of the creek but most are only 5-8 inches...but once in awhile a bigger one moves thru. They can handle the current as it is always flowing strong. Thank-you so much for your interest and feel free to ask anything you wish about our gardens or outside up here...Gary

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