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Pianolady in United States

We felt fortunate to get a .5 acre lot in suburbia, and have added several flower gardens, a blackberry patch, a small pond, and a vegetable garden.

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1 of 30: DIY Pond ~900 gallons

2 of 30: Giant Swallowtail

3 of 30: Sweet Autumn Clematis

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6 of 30: Batik

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10 of 30: We are lucky to have black squirrels!

11 of 30: Monarda

12 of 30: Monarda

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19 of 30: Sweet Autumn Clematis

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21 of 30: Sweet Autumn

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Comments / Questions

Ron 2 years ago

Just awesome flowers & pond very relaxing

nixie 2 years ago

THis is gorgeous! I could spend all day hanging out in your yard!!

ltankrealtor 4 years ago

Very nice...It's obvious you spend a lot of time enjoying your garden. Beautiful!

Pianolady 4 years ago

Thank you for the kind remarks. The garden is about 10-12 years old now. I do take my own photos with a DSLR, tripod & various lenses. I enjoy the photography as much as the gardening.

Lark 4 years ago

ABSOLUTELY a stunning garden and landscape. I would also consider you a outstanding photographer. How old are you gardens? Your design captures nature at its finest. Thank you for posting an inspirational garden. Smiles, Lark

Debbie955 6 years ago

The photos are beautiful!

Deronda 6 years ago

SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your pond and gardens are great. Im gonna have to get me some sweet autumn this spring! Whats the red rose? Beautiful

Lark 6 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous garden and photos. Did you take the photos of the hummingbirds? Outstanding shots. How old is you Sweet Autumn? And do you do any cutting back on it in Spring? It is so beautiful. I really like your gardening style.

Karen W 6 years ago

What beautiful flowers you have. Your close up pictures are wonderful. Good job

Bryan 6 years ago

Great yard! Congrats on being this week's featured yard.

Jessica 6 years ago

Did you take your own photo's of your beautiful yard? I was impressed not only with the landscaping, but you captured the beauty of each plant and insect! Thank you for sharing :)

Pianolady 6 years ago

Thanks! I'm located in Iowa (zone 4b)

Kathy 6 years ago

Wow...Wow! I love your yard. Do you mind if I ask where you are located?

Bryan 6 years ago

Wow, your yard is beautiful. My hat's off to the photographer as well.

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