La Maisonnee

Nanci Desouches in Saratoga, CA

1 & 1/2 acre yard set in hillside with forested area. Parking set up for guests with iron gate and stone pillars. Many meditation areas and a tree house in the forest. Pathways throughout, peacefully transitioning from one space to the next. Large working vegetable garden with deer fencing and large compost staging area. BBQ, dining and entertainment area on deck . Arches, walls, and planters all create the feel of many special areas throughout the yard. The feeling is of an old European estate, lovingly cared for and enjoyed!

Back Yard Deck Fence Flower Close-ups Front Yard Fun for Kids Garden Hardscape Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn Lighting Patio Side Yard Spa Stone / Rock Water-Wise

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2 of 30: from parking lot looking out towards the road

3 of 30: rear pathway

4 of 30: looking across the middle terrace

5 of 30: main pathway up to house

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7 of 30

8 of 30: looking at the pagoda

9 of 30: inside the pagoda

10 of 30: forest pathways

11 of 30: inside the forest looking down towards the parking lot

12 of 30: from parking lot looking up towards the corral area. notice the tumbled stone caps and handmade tile on retaining walls.

13 of 30: from parking lot up pathway to lawn area.

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17 of 30: looking towards main gate

18 of 30: outside kitchen door

19 of 30: corral patio

20 of 30: inside the solarium

21 of 30: another view from inside the solarium

22 of 30: inside the solarium

23 of 30: looking at the pagoda

24 of 30: retaining walls along side parking lot with extensive drainage behind walls because of all the water on the hillside.

25 of 30: from parking lot looking up towards the vegetable garden and forest behind.

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27 of 30: through the deer fencing looking at the vegetable garden

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29 of 30: behind barn in the corral patio area

30 of 30: corral patio

Comments / Questions

Nanci, you know I love your home and yard, and I have watched you thru the years put together one project after another until this beautiful serene retreat developed and became my favorite place to visit. I also lived here for a short time, as a 2nd home when I worked for Nutri systems in San Jose and it was such a perfect place to come and unwind and feel welcomed and loved. You truely are a magician when it comes to creating a beautiful home and yard. Penni

I am a spiritual advisor, and I feel such positive vibes from this home and yard. A place of peace and prosperity that welcomes visitors and allows all who come here to be in tune with the Universe. I think that I would love to meditate here, and use the open channel that resonates from these gardens and forest areas.

Beautiful gardens throughout. I like the repurposing of the redwood tub into the base for a fountain. After all the woodwork around there deserved to be preserved.

I lived there years ago and got married there too! it's a lovely home and garden and has evolved over the years ... Nanci and Alain are the most lovely people! I'm blessed to know them.

I've been to La Maisonnee and it is my FAVORITE place to visit. Always beautiful and tranquil and you feel like you are away from it all, and yet right near all the fun sites of Santa Cruz. I could spend a day just walking the trails, watching the birds and animals, and relaxing in the hammock and be very happy and comfortable. Steve

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