Heartland Treasures

Heartland Treasures in Exeter, CA

Craftsman Home being used as an Antiques and Collectibles shop and residence. When I bought this home I wanted to create a English garden appearance for the Antique shop. I wanted lots of flowers and a sortof wild unkempt look with not a lot of care needed other than watering. I haven't got the pics in order but you can look thru and see before pics and then when we widened the walkway and put in the fence. Next we added pots and the wishing well and bench. There are photos of each step of the way to the final, wild beautiful results. Sorry they aren't in order, I will try to figure that one out next!!

Back Yard Fence Flower Close-ups Flower Garden Front Yard Garden Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Patio Pool Side Yard

1 of 30: Welcome to Heartland Treasures. This was a 1920 Craftsman home that had been owned by a woman living alone and unable to care for it in her illness. We bought it after she passed. There were trees and grass and the first thing we did was just trim it up to see what we had. Sadly, we have closed the store this year and turned the home into a rental. We are operating Heartland Treasures on ebay. Someday we may retire here in Exeter and move back to the home as it is in the center of town and across the street from a high school. It is a nice corner lot with a large back yard, koi pond and swimming pool.

2 of 30: The house had a grass yard with some trees. The walkway was narrow and tough to navigate

3 of 30: The porch was a selling factor for sure but it was steep

4 of 30: Side yard was just grass

5 of 30: a few plants under the window

6 of 30: Nice effect going up the steps after we trimmed up the yard

7 of 30: After trimming

8 of 30: Some old planters that had been ignored for months as prior owner had died

9 of 30: A view of the palm tree in front

10 of 30: The narrow walkway

11 of 30: Found some stepping stones that almost looked like hearts. I painted them green with concrete paint.

12 of 30: We put a wood awning over the window to protect the items inside from the direct sun.

13 of 30: Our wishing well was added. We put it on a concrete square we poured to keep it level. I found this online from an Amish community and they ship it out and you put it together

14 of 30: Put in fencing and started rose planting

15 of 30: I found this bench at Big Lots and had the sign made to go on it. I made the cushion as I couldn't find one the right size. Later I wished I had used vinyl as it got wet with the sprinklers and eventually turned green with moss.

16 of 30: More stepping stones

17 of 30: Purchased 1/2 barrels to plant along new wide walkway.

18 of 30: We put in a lamp post on a small concrete base with auto dusk to dawn feature. Lamp came from Costco.

19 of 30: I found this little gate and entry rod iron and spray painted it to match the rest of the decor. I used some fake ivy to get it started. The arch and gate were also at Big Lots.

20 of 30: Starting to all come together

21 of 30: From the porch checking out our new widened walkway and fence

22 of 30: close up of bench and sign looking toward street.

23 of 30: More stepping stones. these are on the side that the lamp will go on and lead to the hose area behind the bushes under the window.

24 of 30: The front area we added geraniums and crepe myrtle trees in barrels along the sidewalk

25 of 30: On the side we used some redwoods and large old iron wheels instead of a fence

26 of 30: another view of the new plants and flowers coming up

27 of 30: The redwoods are starting to grow. this is a few months after the last picture.

28 of 30: Opps this is before the new fence

29 of 30: another view

30 of 30: The fence and the day of the grand opening early August

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Wow,what a change! I love the fence and the heart stepping stones.

What a nice looking garden.

I live in Exeter and often admire your yard in person! Love it.

Hi, and welcome. I am not a gardner, and had very little experience with planting, but I always loved flowers and I was totally inspired by my sister's beautiful grounds at her home in Santa Cruz. When we bought the old corner house to move our antiques shop to I knew I needed a special yard to attract visitors. I had to keep costs down and produce a low maintainance yard that stood out. Check it out, I ended up with my own personal mini forest.

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