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Carol in Clarence, NY

I've been an organic gardener my whole life - my father (95 years young now) taught me everything I needed to know. Now I mostly have flower gardens and a garden pond. I use only organic fertilizer - find my favorite at the website below.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Organic Garden Side Yard Very Large (10,000 sq ft - Half Acre)

1 of 30: Welcome to my home and gardens.

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15 of 30: Monarda - the one in the front is a double, with a flower growing out of the top of one.

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18 of 30: Echinacea with Monarch Butterfly.

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21 of 30: Old brick walkway.

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23 of 30: My father made the stone birdbath.

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30 of 30: Our dog Nickey.

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Hi Lark, thanks for all the compliments! Most of my planters and garden "things" come from garage sales, so I have a lot of stuff purchased very inexpensively. My father is 96 now and just starting to slow down. He loves making those birdbaths. He has several at his house too. I don't do worm farming, but have been thinking about it. I do have a big compost pile which is home to thousands of worms. I use only my compost and that organic fertilizer in my gardens.

I enjoyed the tour through your gardens. Your style of gardening is super. I like your use of recycled objects as containers for planting, very creative. The birdbath your Dad made is absolutely a TRESURE. Do you do worm farming? Or do you just buy that fertilizer that you have on your website? Job well done! Smiles, Lark

That tall white-plumed plant is cimicifuga racemosa. You're right - the deer hate it - it stinks! I think it's a beautiful plant, but we can't have our windows open on that side of the house when it's in bloom because of the smell. It's really terrible. Deer stay away, but bees love it.

EarthCare Gardening

Carol, what is the plant in photo #12 that is against the house and sends up those white plume flowers? A friend gave me some and I just love it!! Plus, the deer don't!!!

I'll post a pic in my "Jamma's Fairy Garden" YARD as soon as I get a chance to to build and setup one of those cute little fences. Thanks, Carol, for the additional design details.

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