My edible landscaping

pattyloof in Oklahoma City, OK

I have 0.8 acres in central Oklahoma in an HOA community. I want to change my current landscaping to edible plants.

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1 of 11: Before :)

2 of 11: Cattails in my pond (there before, but all parts are edible!)

3 of 11: Water lilies in my pond (there before, also edible)

4 of 11: Lavender (there before, also edible)

5 of 11: Planted a rosemary hedge in front of the porch.

6 of 11: Added cabbages around my magnolia tree :)

7 of 11: Added a banana tree in front of the pond

8 of 11: Sage in front of my front porch

9 of 11: Strawberry plants along my front walkway

10 of 11: Different colored kale in the front yard along the walkway

11 of 11: My parsley under the Bradford pear thinks it's spring.

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pattyloof 4 years ago

Ron, that is dwarf cattail ... it's nice, although you have to cut it back and thin it in the winter or it tries to take over the pond. ;)

Ron 4 years ago

I love your cat tails and your lavender great touch. I live right outside New Orleans and I also have a pond and I think they would look great in it. Patty very nice. Look at my pond and yard I need some ideas for the yard.

pattyloof 4 years ago

So far, so good!

OkieDi 4 years ago

I'm also in central Oklahoma--Been wanting to add edible ornamentals to my yard. Thanks for showing it can work!!

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