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Donna F. in Greenville, SC

Overdose of flowers in my backyard - where I spend most of my time. Love my front, just need to add some color there - without overdoing like in my back. Mostly shade from with the giant oak tree - that I love!

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1 of 30: View from a gate entering the top of the backyard.

2 of 30: Orange flowers together.

3 of 30: Close up of Tiger Lily.

4 of 30: part of the large back garden.

5 of 30: semi shade corner in backyard.

6 of 30: Visiting spot for my neighbor. Her yard is REALLY pretty.

7 of 30: one of my Bird baths before the Zinas close it in.

8 of 30: side yard.

9 of 30: Corner at the top of the highest point of back yard. The Hibiscus and Purple Angel Trumpet has doubled in size now.

10 of 30: Close up of Purple Angel Trumpet Bloom.

11 of 30: Center of my largest flower garden in backyard.

12 of 30: All growing together.

13 of 30: Hibiscus Blooms are so wonderful.

14 of 30: Four O'Clocks,

15 of 30: Containers.

16 of 30: My Birthday Present!

17 of 30: right side of front yard.

18 of 30: smallest bird bath - but they love it. Bluejays hog it the most.

19 of 30: Iris I for on sale at the end of spring 08 - it bloomed but I do not know what kind it is.

20 of 30: I love it - not sure its name - Japanese Iris?

21 of 30: New one this year. Bought at an annual church bulb sale.

22 of 30: Love these every spring!

23 of 30: New one as well - but I do not know its name.

24 of 30: Moon plant - beautiful blooms. I shared the seeds with friends this year - hope theirs blooms.

25 of 30: My kids call this the Bee Tree.

26 of 30: View from my bedroom.

27 of 30: My favorite Iris

28 of 30: Garden resident.

29 of 30: Bees Balm.

30 of 30: Close up of cali lily. This year I got a deep purple one as well - but it did not bloom. Can't wait until next year.

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Last time my visit with you was Dec. 2012. Hope all is well. The iris you have are awesome

Donna thank you so much for viewing our little garden pond. My Daughter Britnee and myself built it and we now have about 65 fish and it's so relaxing after a long day at work.


Thanks for visiting my yard. It's true we have very similar flowers in our gardens. I will have to post more. Your yard is amazing. The fountain you got for your birthday is lovely. It's great watching the birds come to bathe. Hope to see more of your yard. Enjoy spring.

overdone? not at all, i think it looks amazing, great space

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