Lowering Yard Maintenance

Donna F. in Greenville, SC

This year I replace some areas with River Rocks - they look great - are certainly low maintenance and help greatly with water control coming down the hill. Switched to pine needles instead of black mulch. Dye would run off and into the pool!

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Garden General Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn Patio Pool Stone / Rock

1 of 20: Removed the small narrow annual bed in front of grass area and added River Rocks to help with water issues.

2 of 20: Side view of River Rocks Area

3 of 20: Shed - painted to look like a large bird house.

4 of 20: Frog sings at night looking for a mate.

5 of 20: Butterfly Iris were beautiful this year!

6 of 20: Water Lily blooming

7 of 20: Would love to know the name of this Iris.

8 of 20: First two blooms on this Clemitis and they were large and multi layered.

9 of 20: Kanas Peony

10 of 20: Snadra Berndhart Peony

11 of 20: The Iris were beautiful this year.

12 of 20: One of my favorites

13 of 20: birds love this fountain

14 of 20: Moon Plant has already started blooming

15 of 20: Clemetis starting to bloom - ready for the daylilies at their base to start blooming -

16 of 20: Easter Lily finally blooming

17 of 20: Pink Flower Pot - cant wait for it to mature

18 of 20: Screened porch

19 of 20: Hydranga has so many colors going on - pink - purple - slight blues - really cant wait for full mopheads

20 of 20: Red Planter growing well - cant wait till it really fills in and growns up.

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I just LOVE what you've done with your gardening space Donna. Your garden looks like a very peaceful and secluded spot to relax and unwind . That double blooming clematis you have is to die for..., and that pool looks deliciously inviting...:-)

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