Golf Course Garden

Jan Meissner in Centerburg, OH

This is a small yard with close neighbors and views of a private golf course. The landscape design was inspired by the curves of the sand traps and incorporates flowering shrubs, perennials and annuals. The landscape was designed by the homeowner who is an artist by trade.

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1 of 11: Viewed from the house, this is the left side of the garden. The Y shaped path was put in last year for drainage. The area was always swampy so I put in 3 tons of pea gravel and stepping stones and a bench. It's a nice place to watch the golfers from.

2 of 11: After coming around the side yard there are stone steps on the left leading up to a patio. The main steps up from the grass lawn are in the center which you can see in other images.

3 of 11: Looking down from my balcony you can see the right side of the garden. The garden is tricky because it has to look lovely from both sides. From the view of the golfers, and from our view.

4 of 11: This view is across the back lot line of the yard.

5 of 11: The sand trap shapes which were the inspiration for all the curves.

6 of 11: What was once swampy is now the perfect place to sit and watch golfers. Heads up though. This is not very far out of bounds.

7 of 11: This little path leads from the back yard, past the patio and down the side yard. It goes over a stone bridge.

8 of 11: The stone bridge hovers over a dry creek bed that is really drainage taking water away from the house.

9 of 11: The center stairs leading up to the patio. These stones were so huge the front end loader was tipped up and driving on only the front wheels. The wall is dry stacked with #57 limestone behind it. It has withstood 10 Ohio winters without blowing out.

10 of 11: The little bit of grass in our yard. But who needs a big yard when I have all that green to look at in the golf course.

11 of 11: This is photographed from my neighbors window looking across the yard and gardens. The patio and house are on the left from this angle.

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You gardens are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.Lucky are the golfers that pass your place....

This is absolutely beautiful!!! I am so inspired!!!

Outstanding landscaping...! I love your plant combinations. It's something to really be proud of, very inspiring !

I love this yard....has to be my favorite one to date. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Wow - it's just stunning! Great job.

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