Front Yard Potager

Eric M in Kenmore, WA

This is an organic potager front yard garden I started two years ago. From Wikipedia: A potager garden is a French method of creating ornamental vegetable or kitchen gardens. Often flowers (edible and non-edible) and herbs are planted with the vegetables to enhance the beauty. At my last count I have 44 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. The geometric layout can be seen in the first picture. In the summer, the layout creates 4 outdoor rooms, each bordered by plants. Note: this is a working garden, so it's not always picture perfect.

Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Kitchen / Potager Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Patio

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Eric, your garden is STUNNING! I see this photo is from about 2008. Are you still gardening in this style? I am interested in your successes and failures. This is amazing how organized everything is. Have you done companion planting? Come and join in on my website forum and chat about your gardening. Smiles, Lark

Hello, Fellow Washington State Gardener! I'm going to forward your slide show to my husband. He grows all our veggies and has been thinking about converting from traditional row gardening to the raised-box method. I think your artistic approach will motivate him to make the switch.


What a beautiful yard. It's so inviting, full of charm, just a great job of designing a front yard.

This is very nice and relaxing looking as well. What State are you in?? I'm in Louisiana. Hey great job

This is a great potager. Congrats on being a featured yard!

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