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Obviously, this is the yard in the front of my house. Unfortunately, it faces west, so it gets 100+ degree heat all summer long. It is very challenging to find flowers that will do well in this environment.

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1 of 9: Daylilies do well in my front yard. Love them!

2 of 9: This picture isn't too impressive, until you realize I took it in February. Everyone seems to give up in the winter. The pansies have been beautiful all winter long!

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4 of 9: More daylilies

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7 of 9: Since the house is red brick, I'm forced to use a lot of yellows and oranges in the front beds. It seems that any other color just blends in too much.

8 of 9: This basket of trailing pansies has been hanging in front of the patio all winter long. I'll definitely be purchasing these every winter!

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Hi there Lynn! I live in Southern California in zone 9, and I'm right there with you in regards to the 100+ weather and selection of plants that can accommodate that. We've had great luck with the Sage/Salvia families: Scarlet sage, Russian sage, etc. Also, Yarrow is a real beauty! We've also got lots of trailing Lantana, (as a ground cover more or less). Hope this helps! Happy Gardening!

Heather Morris,
Moreno Valley, CA

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