San Rafael 'Provence' style garden

Avant Garden Inc in San Anselmo, CA

Garden features a park-like setting with a large lawn, extensive plantings,stone walls, and a kitchen garden. Garden feels like it is in Provence.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Garden Hardscape Kitchen / Potager Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn Path / Walkway Stone / Rock

1 of 15: Woodland planting under large Sequoia sempervirens.

2 of 15: A decomposed granite walkway flanked by geraniums, phormiums, and helichrysum lead the eye to a birdbath.

3 of 15: Shades of white with Hydrangea, Francoa, and Digitalis.

4 of 15: A view to the San Rafael hills through the Thuja, Hydrangea, and Francoa.

5 of 15: Peaking through to see the garden.

6 of 15: Plantings opposite the pool lend an exotic feel.

7 of 15: Sommes nous en Provence? J'adore la maison.

8 of 15: Les roses sont rouges. The roses are red, as in Rose 'Floral Carpet Red'. Walkway leads up to the pool.

9 of 15: O la la!!! Phormium 'Guardsman, Geranium 'Tricolor', Dichondra argenta, Canna 'Erebus' and Chondropetalum tectorum sont formidable ensemble!!!

10 of 15: Steps leading up to the main lawn.

11 of 15: Le potager (kitchen garden)is the ante-garden as you enter. Thujas flank entrance into main garden area lawn.

12 of 15: A gazing ball on top of an old outdoor fireplace.

13 of 15: Main lawn surrounded by Napa cobble chip stone walls and rich plantings.

14 of 15: The border between the lawn and the pool terrace.

15 of 15: Entrance to the kitchen garden via the main lawn.

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Perfect great job


Incredible. Love the gazing ball. Highlight of the garden. Excellent job.

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