Jamma's Fairy Garden...Part I

happy_jamma in Randle,

This will be a step-by-step account of how I'm creating a magical place for my grandchildren and anyone whose heart believes in fairies. I will show details and provide plant names. That's not for the many accomplished gardeners on YardShare but for beginners who are looking for help on how to get started.
Janet Drake

Front Yard Fun for Kids Garden

1 of 26: July 20, 2009. When our grandchildren are with us they want to help in the Fairy Garden. Grampa and Corey are working to assemble our new garden bench.

2 of 26: Carmen helped to push the project along.

3 of 26: This is the Fairies\' Dancing Circle and the bench is only for children.

4 of 26: September 6, 2009. Next to the stones I planted Elfin Thyme and on the outside of the Thyme I planted \'Tiny Rubies\' Dianthus.

5 of 26: We are working on a new path leading to the Land of Posh.

6 of 26: The end of this trail will eventually have a tunnel carved between the row of Burning Bush and the row of English Laurel. I will tell you more about the Land of Posh later.

7 of 26: As with my gardening in our forest, I\'m planting many bare root plants in the Fairy Garden. These are Crape Myrtle ‘Velma\'s Royal Delight.’

8 of 26: As I finish planting each section of the Fairy Garden I will cover it completely with a thick layer of mulch.

9 of 26: The tiny sprigs of bare root AJUGA ‘Bronze Beauty’ which I planted in early Spring are thriving.

10 of 26: September 9, 2009. I\'m adding Heuchera \'Blackout\' to the outer perimeter of the Fairies\' Dancing Circle.

11 of 26: October 3,2009. We\'ve made good progress in the Fairy Garden this year. The is the view from our private road.

12 of 26: New solar lights around The Friendship Circle add a little pizzaz.

13 of 26: I\'m winding down with my landscaping activities in order to clean up and prepare my established gardens in the yard for winter.

14 of 26: 7-18-2010 Von built this garden shed in sections last winter. He\'s been so busy building his Cowboy Cabin he\'s just now getting around to this in the Fairy Garden.

15 of 26: It\'s going to be very handy to have the basic tools and products stored right here and not have to walk a mile looking for stuff!

16 of 26: August 9, 2010. Another planting day in the Fairy Garden.

17 of 26: Salvia ‘Merleau Rose’ was marked 50% off so I bought all they had.

18 of 26: Von is starting work on a stone entry pad.

19 of 26: We we got a permit to gather the rock in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

20 of 26: October 3, 2010. The first tree on the left is a Scarlet Sentinel Apple. These trees grow in columnar form to 7-9\' tall and have no branches! . They are loaded with fruit which all forms along the main trunk or on short, side spurs.

21 of 26: While I continue my planting, Von is wiring the electrical and installing three tiny water features. This is a fairy spitter he is setting up.

22 of 26: I\'m still fussing with the positioning of this sweet little fountain.

23 of 26: My third water thing is a wishing well that trickles water into a little bucket that fills then spills into the well.

24 of 26: Little by little the Fairy Garden is taking shape.

25 of 26: November 22, 2010. Our first snow was breathtakingly beautiful BUT...

26 of 26: ... it was a heart breaker because the weight of it broke off the top half of one of our Liquid Amber trees in the Fairy Garden. It\'s so very sad, I know the fairies are crying.

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Enjoyed viewing your gardens- I'm working on a fairy garden. Southeast Georgia will definitely need some different plantings.

As I said before, Geraldine, I do look forward to having my gardens look as beautiful as your Cottage Garden. Smiles, Janet

I just love seeing a new garden come to life. You and your family will have many years of enjoyment watching it grow and mature into the vision you had when you first created it.

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