Forest Gardening PART I

happy_jamma in Randle,

My husband & I have lived in the forest since 2006 and we are in the process of embellishing our property. My DRAGONFLY FOREST GARDEN will be a playfully lush place for dragonflies, fairies and grandchildren.
I will add photos as we make progress on a project that will probably take many, many years to complete.
Janet Drake

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1 of 30: This 2009 photo of the garden shed shows the proximity of my forest garden to our home.

2 of 30: Thanksgiving 2008. On the deck of the Kids' Cabin is a launch for the ZIP LINE which my 5 year of grandson loves.

3 of 30: Our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter is fearless on the zip line... not to mention independent about pulling it back to the launch pad.

4 of 30: March 8, 2010. We just completed two short trails made of Fir rounds.

5 of 30: WHAT'S THIS? It's going to be a Cowboy Cabin! Instead of lumber for the support posts, Von cut down small trees then peeled off the bark.

6 of 30: March 8, 2010. William, our youngest grandson, likes to help his Grampa....

7 of 30: March 22, 2010. We're using Fir rounds as a border for the stone pad Von laid in the Fall of '09. The rounds were laid in cement to make them secure for little feet to walk upon.

8 of 30: April 24, 2010. The Cowboy Cabin is starting to take shape. We'll also put a campfire ring in this open spot in the forest.

9 of 30: June 1, 2010 Mother nature is finally gracing our forest with the Spring surprises. I've planted Columbines here and there in sunny spots.

10 of 30: All of the plants in this photo are native to our area but I had to buy some Vanilla Leaf (right corner) to get it started in Dragonfly Forest.

11 of 30: Orange Azalea blossoms along my forest trail make me feel joyous every time I walk by them. This plant is much happier since I moved it from the yard to the forest.

12 of 30: Another Azalea I transplanted from the yard is also VERY HAPPY.

13 of 30: I transplanted this wild False Solomon's Seal into Dragonfly Forest.

14 of 30: June 16, 2010 With the excessive Spring rain, my hubby has had lots of time for the inside finish work on the Cowboy Cabin.

15 of 30: July 26th. The Cowboy