Backyard Pond & Chickens

Enviroscape in Redondo Beach,

My Backyard has a 5000 gallon rainwater harvesting system, Koi pond, waterfalls, solar power, chickens, tortoise and veggie gardens. We have been the object of many garden tours. This is a treat to see.

Back Yard Balcony Firepit Fireplace Fun for Kids Garden Hardscape Lighting Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway Pergola / Arbor Pond Retaining Wall Stone / Rock Water Fountain Water-Wise Waterfall

1 of 24: My dog Kiwee

2 of 24: My Koi pond

3 of 24: My Veggie Gardens

4 of 24: Koi pond with a floating veggietable island

5 of 24: Pondless waterfall

6 of 24: Koi pond

7 of 24: Water Garden

8 of 24: Water Garden

9 of 24: Chicken by the stream bed

10 of 24: Cat 'ming-Ming' by the stream

11 of 24: Chicken by the Koi Pond

12 of 24: Chickens aerate my veggie beds

13 of 24: Chicken by the koi pond

14 of 24: Chickens meander along the stream bed

15 of 24: Chickens and waterfall

16 of 24: Chickens enjoy a drink

17 of 24: Feeding the Koi

18 of 24: Aeonium 'Sunburst'

19 of 24: Winky the turtle has lunch. His partner 'Tippy' is in the background

20 of 24: CHickens take a stroll

21 of 24: Chickens browse the veggie garden

22 of 24: Bumpy the rabbit has lunch

23 of 24: Tippy the turtle has lunch

24 of 24: My veggie garden in all its glory

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Hey Mike. You've created such a unique backyard, you should submit this in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started. Thanks for sharing!

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