Forest Gardening PART II

happy_jamma in Quilcene,

Part I of our adventures in Forest Gardening began in 2006. Forty-one photos later I decided my slide show was beginning to put even ME to sleep. So here is more of our on-going retirement saga.
Janet Drake

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1 of 17: Welcome to our forest! This is the front side of an old, re-purposed door.

2 of 17: 1-23-2011 Heavy rains float the logs that border our forest road.

3 of 17: 1-23-2011 It's worth having a little flooding in order to enjoy the interesting contour of our property.

4 of 17: 2-3-2011 The new gate is FINISHED! When the weather warms a little, Von will put it up and construct short fences on either side of the gate, just for the beauty of it.

5 of 17: President's Day 2011. We built a fire in the wood stove and and played cards in the Cowboy Cabin! Good way to spend part of a winter day.

6 of 17: 3-13-2011 This is what the latest snowstorm did to the Cowboy Cabin. Burrrrr.

7 of 17: 2011 May. The creative gate Von built during the winter is now in place.

8 of 17: 2011 May 29. An old, dilapidated door is about to become forest decor.

9 of 17: 2011 May 31. This is the side of the door you see when leaving Dragonfly Forest.

10 of 17: 2011 June 1. New gates are going up in Dragonfly Forest. This is the main entry at the end of the trail leading from the front of our property.

11 of 17: 2011 June 1. This gate is on the east side of the Dragonfly gardens area... deep in the forest.

12 of 17: 2012 Memorial Day weekend. This is the gate on the west side of Dragonfly gardens. Von built it in January but didn't get it put up until late Spring.

13 of 17: 2012 Memorial Day weekend. More Forest decor.

14 of 17: 2011 June 11. I find wonderful treasures at thrift stores. This enchanting screen door was only 25 cents.

15 of 17: 2011 June 11. This little tin Blue Bird and her mate.... came from a local gift shop. They were bent and had a little rust so they were marked down.

16 of 17: 2012 Memorial Day weekend. The little screen door and the Blue Birds are along the trail leading between my forest gardens and the front of our property.

17 of 17: 2012 Memorial Day weekend. We've used log-rounds to make more foot paths just for meandering.

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impressive work. grandpa is quite the carpenter

The gates made me look at the whole thing. They are really nice.

beautiful scenery--how we love our Northwest weather!


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