SOUTH FLA Rock Garden Landscape

cusoli in Hollywood, FL

This is my front yard. I took out all the landscaping from the builder and re-did it myself. I am an amateur, but love garden and do not mind hard work. This took 100's of bags of sand and rocks to get the look. It's clean and very manageable to maintain.

Front Yard Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

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5 of 18: Buddah purchased for $50.00 because his head was broken. He is made from granite and we purchased in Miami from an import store. His regular price was $400.00. He does weigh a ton!

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13 of 18: Later painted the fence brown. See following pics;

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17 of 18: Pond I installed myself;

18 of 18: Back yard;

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Very nice! Did you pour the concrete edge?

This is beautiful, I've been looking for some way to do a rock garden in my front yard and this is a perfect look. I love it! You did a wonderful job!

Love it! Awesome job! :)

Your yard looks very nice. I love the walkway.

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