J & Ds garden

Jan H in Cleveland, OH

Our lot is not very big, 50 x 200. Mixture of sun and shade. We started with a blank slate 11 years ago, together my husband & I have planted and built what you see today. It is always a work in progress!

Back Yard Deck Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden General Garden Lawn Path / Walkway Pond Side Yard Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

1 of 14: view of backyard from house. Yard is divided, right side full to partial sun, left side partial to full shade

2 of 14: right side of back yard. Perennial and annual flower beds, walking path in front leads to arbor seat.

3 of 14: closer look of plants in bed above.

4 of 14: flower bed in front of garden shed

5 of 14: Side yard view

6 of 14: small pond with fish and waterall feature on the side of our deck

7 of 14: deck and shade garden

8 of 14: view of arbor seat

9 of 14: very back of yard, a few wooden structures built for accents and height.

10 of 14: One of our shade beds.

11 of 14: Our newest addition, a birbhouse condo. We love the colorful accent!

12 of 14: We wanted to draw your eye to back of property, so we added this. A climbing vine has been planted which will hopefully grow and cover some of the structure.

13 of 14: These old windows created just the perfect division without blocking our views!

14 of 14: View of the side yard, early summer 2011. We love how the new structures carry the eyes up and extend our view!

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I love this!

Your yard is absolutely gorgeous. My husband and I have recently retired and are currently working on indoor home renovation projects, but your yard will definitely serve as an inspiration for us when we begin working outside on our yards. We're re-entering gardening - we both work in our gardens and yards at home growing up and we miss it terribly. We're looking forward to finally having the time to devote to it. I wanted to ask you approximately how much time you and your hubby devote to your yard and where you get you inspiration?

This yard is my inspiration. Love it!

Everything is simply BEAUTIFUL!! All your hard work has paid off. Blessings and thanks for sharing...reba

I love this! This is what I want my yard to look like!! Beautiful

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