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Billn2theFray in Milwaukee, WI

Small city lot with a "park" in the yard. Gardens, fountains, fish pond, etc.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Lawn Path / Walkway Patio Pond Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

1 of 23: Front yard

2 of 23: What it was...

3 of 23: How it is now... You can walk from the patio to the walkway along the right side garden. Then either over the fish pond via the bridge, or continue along stone walk as you pass the Lilac and Arborvitae. Both paths will lead you to and through the Peace garden.

4 of 23: Peace garden was first...

5 of 23: It was a 15'dia. bare spot from swimming pool.

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7 of 23: North garden came next.. with walk. No pond... yet.

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10 of 23: a maturing peace garden...

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12 of 23: From peace garden to north garden (marine theme)...

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14 of 23: then came the patio....

15 of 23: Pond is in.

16 of 23: Pond earth became south flower bed.

17 of 23: Pond became this 3 part flower bed on the south side of yard... it features watering cans.

18 of 23: The peace garden contains a birdbath fire pit, water fountain, chimes etc.

19 of 23: from the gardens... notice the bee?

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21 of 23: night fire!

22 of 23: A birds eye view.

23 of 23: Thanks for stopping by!

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Thanks, Mattemma! I should update those photos. Summer project. (l;-i}

I like what you did with the yard. So much can go in a little space.

Bill & Barb

Thank you Lark! This started 4 years ago. We have added an Autumn Blaze maple. It's a hybrid from the Silver and Red maple. (not pictured yet.) Thanks for strolling through!

We are about a mile from Pretty Lake, off of HY 67. This area is where the glacier went through. Alot of state forests. We have an Autumn Blaze and it is one of our favorites. Have a great day.

My daughter lives in Milwaukee, 84th street. I did gardens for her. It was soooooo nice to do a small lot. Her garden is now 4 years old and she needs to divide. She is learning and I think enjoying it.

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