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Yard Map Search Results

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Yard Search Results
  • Country Living
    Country Living

    Location: Lebanon

    Owner: thereset

    Several years ago I started a shade garden under 2 huge pines in my backyard. I loved dressing it up in different colors each year. 3 years ago a terrible ice storm ravaged the pines & this past fall I had to have them removed. It felt like I lost my best friend that day. After lots of hard work, al...

  • Canfield Acres
    Canfield Acres

    Location: Marshall County

    Owner: KeyWee

    Twelve acres of yard, woods and prairie. Three acres maintained ~ the rest is wild!...

  • New house needs curb appeal

    We bought this house a few months ago. We have done a few things..such as changing out the porch light, adding some landscaping lights, putting in new, darker mulch. We added a bed around the mailbox and the small curved bed in front of the porch. The colors on the house is what it came with and I a...

  • Patio Tree Table
    Patio Tree Table

    Location: Fort Thomas, Kentucky

    Owner: Dave Otto

    This is a table that I carved from a 100 year old water maple that we cut down because it had died. The tree is still in the ground in it\'s original location in the middle of a fieldstone patio in the back of our house. Instead of removing the tree and its stump I decided to make a table out of i...

  • Beverly loves to garden
    Beverly loves to garden

    Location: Kentucky

    Owner: Beverly

    I have been gardening for about 3 years. I love the results of all the flowers and plants. My mom gave me most of my plants, she has a beautiful garden. I love old things, most of the my things belonged to my dad and mom. Thanks for dropping by my place, come back and visit anytime.......smiles...

  • Mandina

    Location: Lexington

    Owner: Donna Mandina

    Side yard with new fence that my husband built with down and post lighting. Landscaping completed in 08...

  • Pool & Deck Area
    Pool & Deck Area

    Location: Corbin, KY

    Owner: Rhonda Fallis

    Our pool, deck, and new pergola...

  • orchid ct
    orchid ct

    Location: winchester ky

    Owner: dave garretson

    2010 landscaping...

  • Shade Garden
    Shade Garden

    Location: Louisville, Ky

    Owner: jsoneal

    3 yo shade garden with an assortment of perennials. Lots of Hostas....

  • Evans' Tranquil Deck
    Evans' Tranquil Deck

    Location: Union, KY

    Owner: Todd Evans

    16' X 24' deck, aluminum railing, composite decking, water fountian, wrought iron baker's rack, built in corner bench...

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