Florida Tropical Bali/Moroccan Oasis

cusoli in Hollywood, FL

I posted my yard on Rate My Space and someone suggested that I should post it here. So here you go ... We live in Florida and landscaping is sometimes difficult because of the hot, dry, humid conditions. But, I wanted to create a unique look for our home and have designed and labored to bring it to where it is now. We really enjoy the back mostly.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Patio Pool Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock

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2 of 29: Added curtains later to the porch. $20.00 painter's tarps from Home Depot hung on iron curtain rods.

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4 of 29: Twilight shot;

5 of 29: My daughter wrote this poem for me about my garden. I washed the wall with glaze and paint to make it look aged and then together we stenciled the poem on to the wall; A lot of sweating in the heat to do it, but it was worth it.

6 of 29: Poem my daughter wrote for me about my garden.

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8 of 29: Statue purchased from an import store in Miami. It is from Bali and made from volcanic rock. I think it weighs about 500-lbs! I dug a shallow hole, placed a stepping stone inside to make it level, placed Buddha inside the hole, mixed & poured concrete to secure him; He's gone thru Hurricane Katrina and Wilma!

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12 of 29: Blue Sky Vine I planted on the fence.

13 of 29: Confederate Jasmine in bloom; Smells amazing between that and the Japanese Honeysuckle that is on the pergola;

14 of 29: Authentic Moroccan lantern; Japanese Honeysuckle Vine growing on top of the pergola.

15 of 29: BEFORE PIC; The pergola stands here now;

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17 of 29: My Purple Walking Iris; Sometimes it has 60 flowers in a day .. they open in the morning and close when the sun goes down and then we have to wait another day or so, for another show :)

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22 of 29: Purchased this little pond on-line, dug the hole and installed the pond myself. Added 3 orange goldfish and 1 black goldfish according to Feng Shui rule :)

23 of 29: Resident green anole on my landscape light;

24 of 29: Another shot of our resident chameleon;

25 of 29: A little whimsy ...

26 of 29: The real McCoy ...

27 of 29: Dragonfly on my bamboo;

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Very Very nice. A lot of work went into your yard. Great job


"This garden is like a living prayer ! It glorifies a Higher Power through the Beauty and Grace of Nature! Very Spiritual! Very Soothing!"

very nice i remember some of the pictures on rate my space.

love this shot

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