Small Tropical Getaway

Sportymom038 in Bakersfield, CA

My hubby and I have a very narrow and long backyard. (21 feet from patio) Except for the pool, we did EVERYTHING ourselves. We wanted a tropical getaway and with our hot climate that is a little hard. Through trial and error and 5 years of growth this is what we have.....enjoy

Back Yard Before & After Firepit Flower Close-ups Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Pool Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Spa Stone / Rock Waterfall

1 of 29: Pride and joy and 5 years of growth.....

2 of 29: Cozy firepit for those very few chilly nights, the lights under BBQ are very nice.

3 of 29: Enjoying BBQ on a warm evening

4 of 29: Time for Luau!!

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6 of 29: Our oasis :-)

7 of 29: Bridge to calmness.....

8 of 29: Our quiet time nook

9 of 29: My husbands first and LAST time doning stone work, on the ground and the entire wall.

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11 of 29: The small grass section to play with the dog, orange tree and our wonderful thinking hammock!! Between two tree's we had to wait 5 years to grow to put up! But worth it.

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13 of 29: Monarch chilling on our Bouganvilla

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15 of 29: Walkway to.....

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17 of 29: What to do with this yard?

18 of 29: So narrow and I had never done a yard before? I changed plans in my mind plenty.

19 of 29: Flowers from our garden vine.

20 of 29: My husbands pride and joy, he built this about 2 years ago. It is made with steal, stone and left over tile from the house. There is a refrigerator, storage, sink with hot/cold and grill with gas line, he installed.

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22 of 29: One of my favorite flowers from the planters.

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27 of 29: This arch has gorgeous flowers in the fall.

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29 of 29: Even insects enjoy our yard!

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Very very nice,,,,,,Awesome


It may be small but you've made the most of every inch. You didn'i miss a thing! Spectacular job. Enjoy your hard work!

ms. pruett

wonderful, very nice.

It's perfect great job. Very relaxing & Fun looking. Kick back with a glass of wine and your there.... Check out (Ron & Eydie's garden pond) and let me know what you think. nTake care nRon B.


Nice but it looks more like a 4 star hotel than a home.

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