Wife's big idea!!!

MCR500 in Clovis, CA

"Yeah, honey, let's build an outdoor kitchen."
I had NO idea what I was getting myself into when I said, "Sure, dear."
My build is officially COMPLETE!!! It has been a long road, but the end results were definately worth it.
I first want to thank Bryan for hosting such a great site. Also, for picking my project as the winner of the Yardshare contest. I hope the finished product lived up to the expectations!!
If anyone out there is contemplating building your own outdoor kitchen, GO FOR IT!! The hardest part is getting started. Please use my photos and all the other great photos of other builds on here, and take the plunge!! The end results are worth all the effort!! C-Ya!!! Thanks, Mike

Back Yard Lighting Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Outdoor Kitchen Step by Step Project Stone / Rock

1 of 30: Here comes da mud!!

2 of 30: Channel drain installed

3 of 30: 8 Yards!!

4 of 30: Getting there!!

5 of 30: Salt down!!

6 of 30: Next morning

7 of 30: Future firepit/sitting area

8 of 30: Looking good!!

9 of 30: Let the framing begin!!

10 of 30: Sink/cooler section

11 of 30: Vents, vents, vents!!!

12 of 30: Sink/cooler section at its' home

13 of 30: Notice upper vent under overhang

14 of 30: Backside view

15 of 30: Lower vent

16 of 30: Upper vent

17 of 30: Gas grill/propane drawer section

18 of 30: Backside view

19 of 30: Propane drawer vented top & bottom, totally sealed off from any ignition sources

20 of 30: Leveling feet

21 of 30: Holes to screw feet to HB

22 of 30: Another view

23 of 30: Leveling feet fab.

24 of 30: Leveling feet installed!

25 of 30: Utilities: drain, water, (2) speaker runs, (2) seperate electrical circuits

26 of 30: (left) Hardiboard screws (right) metal stud screws

27 of 30: Concrete slopes alot!!

28 of 30: Concrete slope

29 of 30: L to R, wood grill, gas grill, sink/cooler

30 of 30: End view of cooking sections

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mbelding 4 months ago

Same question as Jordan - Anyone have a source for the leveling feet shown in this project? Thanks!

Susan Fornoff 4 years ago

Hi Mike -- Are you still active here? If yes, please email me at (myfirstname) @GottaGoGolf.com -- Susan (just trying to avoid email spammers by writing my address that way)

Karen W 6 years ago

there is nothing more I can add to what's already been said. WOW... what a beautiful place you have to entertain family and friends.

Bill 6 years ago

Wow is an understatement. Very very nice! Great work!

MCR500 6 years ago

Diane, you CAN have one too!! Like my DW said, "Its' just time and money, dear". Neither one of us realized at the start of the build HOW MUCH time and money it would be!!! In the end, it was ALL worth it! Thanks for your comment! C-Ya!!

Diane 6 years ago

Wow... wait til I show my hubbie...I WANT ONE TOO!!

MCR500 6 years ago

I'll get RIGHT on it, Haywood!!! C-Ya!!

Haywood Jablowme 6 years ago

Mike, I'm a building inspector with the city of Clovis. Any structure longer than 20 feet and weighing more than 10,000 lbs. needs engineered prints and a full permit. We'll have to ask you to dismantle that and start over...

Bryan 6 years ago

It looks absolutely amazing Mike. I appreciate you sharing all of your hard work. Now the best part....ENJOYING IT!!!

Allen 6 years ago

Great Looking Island, very original design.

Bob 6 years ago

Hey Mike, I didn't say your BBQ is a toy i said it looks like one, nAlso what happen to Mother BBQ

steve 6 years ago

why did you put salt on fresh concrete.wont it pop?

MCR500 6 years ago

Steve, that is how you obtain the "look" of a salt finish deck around a pool/spa. When we did the pool about 4 years ago, we did a salt finish deck, so I wanted the new concrete we poured to match. It is a very popular(and inexpensive) way of finishing pool decks out here in Calif. n nBasically, you go down to Lowes and buy a bag of water softener salt. Wait till the concrete is final broomed, and spread the salt over the deck. Tamp it in HARD with a rubber hand trowel. It leaves "depressions"

MCR500 6 years ago

Toys??? Mine cooks just fine, thank you!!! n nI can tell you with all certainty that my knees(and my wallet!!!) don't feel "toy like" at ALL. They both hurt REALLY bad!! Thanks for the input, though!! C-Ya!!

bob 6 years ago

after seeing that Mother BQQ, all these other Islands look like toys

MCR500 6 years ago

I had the fab shop at my work make them. There are others out there, but are a bit pricey($7.50-$10.00 per).Since I needed about 45!! for my build, it would have got expensive, quick. Any good metal fab shop could make the base; it is just 1/8" plate with a 3/8" nut welded to it. The actual feet are from Grainger. Hope this helps.

Jordan 6 years ago

Where did you find the leveling feet? nthanks

Brian 6 years ago

Wonderful!!! Chris, don't forget the BIG steak with the beer...LOL

Leslie (Wife) 6 years ago

Me and my "big idea" seem to be coming together nicely!!! It has been time consuming, but will be well worth all of your hard work the moment we have our first gathering. May the completion of this project be the beginning of many festive days to come!!! Love you!!

Rosalie (Mom) 6 years ago

Mike- nWhat a beautiful job - all of those hidden talents. Can't wait to try it out next time we are up there. You did a great job.

Ileana (Aunt) 6 years ago

You could have made big bucks making mine! I love the free form shape - you are full of surprises! I'll go for the beer with Chris and Rose. Congratulations, Mike and Leslie, and enjoy it with the kiddos and friends in good health!

MCR500 6 years ago

Bryan, thanks for choosing my "little" project as the winner!! I hope the finished product lives up to the expectations! This gives me a lot of motivation to get it DONE!! The $250 prize will be well spent in the upcoming days. Thanks again!!

MCR500 6 years ago

Thanks for the comment, bro. Good thing you live so far away, or you would be over here HELPING me finish this darn thing! When its' done, you'll get an invite, but bring the beer AND the steaks! C-Ya!!

Bryan 6 years ago

Congratulations on winning the Share Your Yard Contest!

Chris (your brother) 6 years ago

Michael, n nVery nice work! Let me know when it's all done, and I'll come over for a beer!

MCR500 6 years ago

John, I tried to e-mail you, but your address comes back as invalid. Post your qustion here, I'll be glad to help. Thanks, Mike

John 6 years ago

Can you email me. I have a quick question for you. Nice work! Thanks. johnwhite@cableone.net.

Bryan 6 years ago

Famous last words...."Sure, dear."!!! It's looking great so far. Thanks for all of the detailed pictures and a step by step view of the project. Caan't wait to see it finished!

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