Wife's big idea!!!

MCR500 in Clovis, CA

"Yeah, honey, let's build an outdoor kitchen."
I had NO idea what I was getting myself into when I said, "Sure, dear."
My build is officially COMPLETE!!! It has been a long road, but the end results were definately worth it.
I first want to thank Bryan for hosting such a great site. Also, for picking my project as the winner of the Yardshare contest. I hope the finished product lived up to the expectations!!
If anyone out there is contemplating building your own outdoor kitchen, GO FOR IT!! The hardest part is getting started. Please use my photos and all the other great photos of other builds on here, and take the plunge!! The end results are worth all the effort!! C-Ya!!! Thanks, Mike

Back Yard Lighting Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Outdoor Kitchen Step by Step Project Stone / Rock

1 of 30: Here comes da mud!!

2 of 30: Channel drain installed

3 of 30: 8 Yards!!

4 of 30: Getting there!!

5 of 30: Salt down!!

6 of 30: Next morning

7 of 30: Future firepit/sitting area

8 of 30: Looking good!!

9 of 30: Let the framing begin!!

10 of 30: Sink/cooler section

11 of 30: Vents, vents, vents!!!

12 of 30: Sink/cooler section at its' home

13 of 30: Notice upper vent under overhang

14 of 30: Backside view

15 of 30: Lower vent

16 of 30: Upper vent

17 of 30: Gas grill/propane drawer section

18 of 30: Backside view

19 of 30: Propane drawer vented top & bottom, totally sealed off from any ignition sources

20 of 30: Leveling feet

21 of 30: Holes to screw feet to HB

22 of 30: Another view

23 of 30: Leveling feet fab.

24 of 30: Leveling feet installed!

25 of 30: Utilities: drain, water, (2) speaker runs, (2) seperate electrical circuits

26 of 30: (left) Hardiboard screws (right) metal stud screws

27 of 30: Concrete slopes alot!!

28 of 30: Concrete slope

29 of 30: L to R, wood grill, gas grill, sink/cooler

30 of 30: End view of cooking sections

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Mike, we just purchased our 1st home with a pool, and want to build a similar type of grill area using steel studs as it will sit on our concrete apron.
was working with metal studs difficult? I'm fairly handy with tools and have significant past experience with wood framing but have never worked with metal studs. Appreciate any feedback. Did you use any reference for your framing design?

Mark, Prescott AZ

Same question as Jordan - Anyone have a source for the leveling feet shown in this project? Thanks!

Hi Mike -- Are you still active here? If yes, please email me at (myfirstname) @GottaGoGolf.com -- Susan (just trying to avoid email spammers by writing my address that way)

there is nothing more I can add to what's already been said. WOW... what a beautiful place you have to entertain family and friends.


Wow is an understatement. Very very nice! Great work!

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