Fox Gardens Close-ups

Fox Gardens ALASKA in Fairbanks, AK

Close up shots of just flowers..all of these photo's were taken of growing in place plants from our garden....NOT ONE was picked and placed for the shots...Ya...were crazy !!

Flower Close-ups Garden

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3 of 30: Frost on the Rudbeka

4 of 30: early Double Rudbeka

5 of 30: Hover Fly

6 of 30: Frost on Marigolds

7 of 30: morning mint & anise

8 of 30: Swallow

9 of 30: Look at me Mom !!

10 of 30: Tree Swallow carries out babies poop

11 of 30: Ermine

12 of 30: mixed

13 of 30: Male Tree Swallow

14 of 30: Yellow Jacket

15 of 30

16 of 30: Strawflower

17 of 30: petunia ,lobelia

18 of 30: White & Blue all around

19 of 30: red rudbeka

20 of 30: White Crown Sparrow

21 of 30: Daisy landing pad

22 of 30: Baby Redpole

23 of 30: Pollen loaded

24 of 30: Buzzzzzz

25 of 30: SwallowTail

26 of 30: Swee Pea

27 of 30

28 of 30

29 of 30: lupine

30 of 30: Cherokee Sunset Rudbeka

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My visit to Fox Gardens Alaska was in September 3, 2011, and thought this garden was unbelievable--so was Gary and Teresa and hope they win--by Bev Yohner, a misplaced Texan living in New Mexico where you can't grow anything like they do in Vox, Alaska.

LOVE IT! Kinda makes me want to move to Alaska and try gardening there after the summer we have had in Oklahoma.

I am BLOWN away by the colors.Gary Wonderful, Wonderful, flowers. We live way down south in New Orleans and I tell Ya I need to bring some of Alaska Flowers down here. Thank you for the pictures Gary post more.
From Ron & Eydies Garden Pond.

Thank-you so much for your kind words...I sometimes take a 100 pictures a day playing with different light and such fun...If i had one wish it would be to always have my digital camera handy !! Yes starting them all from seed has a special feeling for us when we look at em and say...Gee potting them up when their little really does make the biggest single difference for was 36 here this morn Aug 21st...fall will be here next month!

These are absolutely amazing photos -- the colors just leap off the screen. And to think you start everything from seed! I really admire your gardens and I hope you'll continue to post more of them.

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