Country Flowers

We have created several flower beds throughout our yard. This is just some close ups of them.
My husband is always thinking of ways to tend to the flowers with thinking green. We have barrels all around the yard. We collect rain water, and for our pond we have our rain gutters descending down to keep the pond filled.

Back Yard Deck Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Hardscape Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Side Yard Stone / Rock Water-Wise

1 of 6: The yellow contrast against the rocks is so beautiful.

2 of 6: This is our pet plant ,, people walk by it and they bend over and feels how soft the foliage is.

3 of 6: Mini waterfall bursting with colors from the assortment of plants we have around it.

4 of 6: This picture was taking early spring ,, the seeds had yet to sprout so I grabbed the artificial bush and stuck it in the old watering can,.. I cheated lol

5 of 6: Choose your hammock and rest your eyes for abit.

6 of 6: Second area with an hammock nestled in between the trees near the pond area.

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ok im on my way to nap in the hammock, what a great place you have

Your place is sooooooo pretty....I love the pic with the two old chairs......your water feature is wonderful......smiles

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