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Bryan in Castro Valley, CA

I built this bar and bbq myself in the summer of 2006. The foundation is concrete block, with El Dorado stone for the facing. 4-burner stainless steel grill and a mini refrigerator. Countertops are ceramic tile on cement backerboard. The bar area is 4 inches higher than the grill area in order to have a distinct bar/serving area. The bbq/bar area took 3 months to plan and 1 month to build. It's been a great addition to our backyard.

Back Yard Outdoor Kitchen Patio Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Step by Step Project

1 of 14: View from the bar looking out into the canyon

2 of 14: After the first two courses of concrete block were laid. These were the most important courses as they needed to be straight and level.

3 of 14: The last course is laid and the bbq fits, so now it's time to fit the door and then add the facing: El Dorado Stone.

4 of 14: Drilling the hole for the electrical outlet for the frig.

5 of 14: This was the last check that the grill fit in it's slot before I pulled it back out to finish the counter top.

6 of 14: Shot of the ceramic tile counter top and the future view of the guests sitting at the bar.

7 of 14: After the bbq was complete, the 16x16 slate tile was laid.

8 of 14: Finished product.

9 of 14: Stainless Steel door for access to the propane tank, tools, etc.

10 of 14: The mini frig under the bar. Electricity was run in under the cement from the house prior to pouring.

11 of 14: 4 burner w/ rotisserie stainless steel grill.

12 of 14: Surf & Turf!

13 of 14: Nice view for the non-paying guests.

14 of 14: This guy looks like he knows what he's doing!

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Bryan 2 years ago

Hi Ron. Are you you asking about homeowner's yards that were created by a landscape pro? We just have to take the homeowners word for it on whether it was DIY or done by a company. I can certainly look into ways to categorize yards that way though.

Ron 2 years ago

Bryan again very nice also is there any way that we can have ponds or yards that are built by the homeowner and not PROs. I've been asked to ask you,because they don't think it's fair. Just saying
Thanks Ron Barber

diane 2 years ago

WOWOWOW!This took a LOT of hard work and a real eye for design!Good Job!

Ron 3 years ago

What was the price tag on that wonderful BBQ set up? It's awesome

Sandra Miller 3 years ago

Really Really nice!! Would love a built in kitchen in my garden space! Congrats on a job well done

Ron 4 years ago

Great PIT

shelia 5 years ago

hey bryan, thanks for taking a look at my place. this is awesome! looks perfect and i can tell you put much thought into this. you had a great vision. talk about putting the pros to shame!!!

Emily Careen 6 years ago

For a girl who loves to grill but has a very small budget... Was this a pricy project or could it be done on the cheap? Already have a grill and a mini-fridge to put in there.

Bryan 6 years ago

Hi Emily. If you were to have this done by a professional, it would run between $10-$12k. I did it myself and it cost around $3500 when it was all said and done. That said, it was a lot of work and took up one month of my life. But well worth it!

Karen W 6 years ago

Nice place for entertaining Bryan, Good job

Barry 6 years ago

Where did you purchase your stools?

Bryan 6 years ago

We got the stools at BBQ's Galore in Dublin, CA.

DrDave 6 years ago

Nice job! nFor those who need plans, I have them available at: n nDrDave

Bryan 6 years ago

Hey Smash. Well, while there is a lot of space within the block, the problem was getting access to it. Given the dimensions I had to work with, I didn't have enough room to add any access points in the area I put the fridge and the propane access doors. I didn't really want anything other than the stone on the other sides. But if you can add more access points given your dimensions.....concrete block gives you planty of space options. Hope to see your project on YardShare when you get started!

smash 6 years ago

Thanks - that makes sense. I did just add my gecko patio project; take a look at it.

smash 6 years ago

Nice BBQ; I need to do one as well. I have a question - there is a lot of volume within the block, but you only built in small storage spaces, which seems a waste to me. Is there a reason you did not maximize storage volume?nI will have my smoker there, and want all the space I can get.

Brandt 6 years ago

Nice Yard!

Jason 6 years ago

I love your bbq. Well done.

Dave AKA Pragmatic 7 years ago

Very nice island and yard. Im impressed and appreciate your feedback over at BBQ Galore.

Bryan 7 years ago

I used a half-height concrete block for the top course of block on the bbq area, which allowed it to be 4 inches shorter than the bar. You should be able to find a 4inch hieght block at your local masonry store or a home depot or lowe's.

Ryan 7 years ago

Bryan, I have the exact same plan except the bar extends to fit about 4 people. Questions about the block. The bar height is only a little higher than the bbq, how did you get it that few inches higher (I figure another row of 8" block would be too much)?

SHANNON 7 years ago


Bryan 7 years ago

Hi Shannon. If you can believe it, I actually drew up the plans myself. I built it to fit in a very specific spot on the patio to maximize space and the view that you get when sitting at the bar. When drawing up your own plans, the most important things to consider are...1. the dimensions of your grill, refrigerator, and propane tank. This will give you your minimum dimensions of width, length, and height. If I can be of any help, let me know.

Steve 7 years ago

What? No Kegger??? Must be married!

Bryan 7 years ago

Very astute observation Steve!

Jason 7 years ago

Do you have a gas line running out to the bbq or do you have a propane tank in the cabinet under the grill?

Bryan 7 years ago

Propane tank.

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