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AZPaxton in Surprise, AZ

Outdoor Kitchen with 42 Inch Bar area

Back Yard Lighting Outdoor Kitchen Step by Step Project

1 of 28: Trex under hardiboard bottom

2 of 28: Tricky Part of the install - 2 sets of Simpson Brackets were installed at a 90 degree angle to support the cantilever countertop.

3 of 28: You need at least 3 levels to do this project correctly.

4 of 28: Supervisor - watching over the work. Nag, nag, nag.

5 of 28: C-Clamps are another requirement. There are about 8 in use on this project and we could still use more.

6 of 28: Looking down inside the pedestal, you can see the cross brace that anchors the two sides of the footrests together.

7 of 28: The entire footrest is built from pressure treated lumber since it will be subject to people standing on it. Note - footrest is only part of the bar, not the cooking area. Also the footrest is surrounded top, bottom and both sides by hardiboard.

8 of 28: It's amazing what you can build with 25 Gauge galvanized channel and studs! But somehow my project got off track...this doesn't look like what my wife put on the paper...

9 of 28: The entire Island lays on a platform of TREX. We left the Hardibacker about 1in up from the ground, covering the bottom panel of Hardiboard, but leaving some of the TREX exposed.

10 of 28: Kids keeping themselves entertained while dad is hard at work.

11 of 28: The corners were cutoff to soften the finsihed look of the island. - Notice the Simpson Bracket inside the stud to support the cantilever countertop.

12 of 28: Electrical was stubbed when the concrete was laid.

13 of 28: Dad - are you ready to play yet?

14 of 28: Cooking Surface Framing

15 of 28: When working with Hardiboard, you want an outside work surface. Don't try doing this in the garage or you will be vacuuming for months.

16 of 28: I think my level may be off!

17 of 28: River Red from Arizona Tile

18 of 28: Perfect finished measurement to reduce number of tile cuts!

19 of 28: Is it Dinner time yet?

20 of 28: Holes cut for both upper and lower air vents.

21 of 28: Studs with Grommets ready for electrical.

22 of 28: Pedestal Base with Foot Rest

23 of 28: Doors below the BBQ.

24 of 28: Dry fit the stainless steel components.

25 of 28: Aren't you done yet?

26 of 28: It's Corona Time!

27 of 28: What do you think of our water feature?

28 of 28: The final product!

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Pat Paxton

They are both maltipoos.

Looks like a lot of work. Nice job. Looks nice. What breed are the dogs. I have two Maltese myself.

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