My New BBQ Island

JA CARL in Deerfield Beach, FL

I started this Island in Dec 2007 and completed in April 2008. Funds were the biggest problem and I built it one small section at a time. Largest single cost was the grill. side burner and drop in cooler. My sink drains into the main drain. I picked up the sink and faucet at the flea market for a few bucks. I really had fun building this thing despite a few errors and I am ready to start another.
I am not that good at the photos but I will keep them coming.

Back Yard Outdoor Kitchen Step by Step Project

1 of 10: 25 guage metal stud secured with 1/8 ss rivets. Overhang made with Simpson L brackets and bolts.

2 of 10: Most of the work was done at night.

3 of 10: Electrical rough. All uprights for overhang tied in. Very firm and rigid at this point.

4 of 10: Corners taped and sealed with thin set. Use a corner tool to get corners neat. Hardie siding with bonding agent then stucco applied using trowel. Textured roller over stucco and then a knock down finish with a 12 inch knife.

5 of 10: Units installed. Wrong choice, BBQ Galore is now out of business and spares maybe impossible.Good quality for the money.

6 of 10: A rainy day view.

7 of 10: A night view.

8 of 10: Cooking at night while waiting for a hurricane. See the shutters on the window.

9 of 10: I need to do more work on the surrounding entertainment areas. Everything in time.

10 of 10: Yes, this is what it is all about.

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There you go Jason. It took me a little time to get photo done.n


Any finished pictures of your build?

Looks good JaCarl. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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