DrDaves Koi Garden

DrDave in Escondido, CA

1 acre of fruit trees, Koi Ponds, vegetable garden and DrDave's World Famous BBQ Island. Being a Ham Radio Operator, I also have an antenna farm.

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1 of 21: My Barbeques Galore STS series drop ins with an American Marble granite top on my exclusive JORDE designed Island.

2 of 21: Open and ready for 'Q'

3 of 21: Japanese Bridge by JORDE over my Koi Pond.

4 of 21: Budda watches over the Large Koi

5 of 21: Imported from Japan, 2 platinum, 3 Kohaku and 3 Sanke Koi.

6 of 21: Koi in large pond.

7 of 21: Kohaku and Sanke Koi

8 of 21: Smokey Joe, guarding his fish.

9 of 21: Pond before major landscaping added another waterfall and bamboo.

10 of 21: 11 X 20 Shed by JORDE. Ramp and door designed to allow a Suzuki LTZ400 to drive in for service.

11 of 21: Amateur Radio, N9XT. This is my tower and multiband antenna.

12 of 21: Ever see a garlic this big before?

13 of 21: Lower pond outline defined.

14 of 21: After 1 day of digging, it's form is determined.

15 of 21: Leveling and adding support blocks.

16 of 21: 24 X 15 EPDM liner is heavy.

17 of 21: Liner in place.

18 of 21: Trimmed and ready for water.

19 of 21: The junction spillway between the upper and lower pond.

20 of 21: Koi are now in new home.

21 of 21: Budda watches over all.

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Dr Dave! You should submit this in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started. Good luck!

Nancy in Ventura

Dr. Dave! Wonderful use of your landscape to create paradise! If I ever have a yard large enough in which to put a pond yours is an inspiration! I like the use of the goose neck lights near the que! I am beginning to design mine and I liked your design!!

Love your yard DrDave! Looks like a sanctuary.

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