DrDaves Koi Garden

DrDave in Escondido, CA

1 acre of fruit trees, Koi Ponds, vegetable garden and DrDave's World Famous BBQ Island. Being a Ham Radio Operator, I also have an antenna farm.

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1 of 21: My Barbeques Galore STS series drop ins with an American Marble granite top on my exclusive JORDE designed Island.

2 of 21: Open and ready for 'Q'

3 of 21: Japanese Bridge by JORDE over my Koi Pond.

4 of 21: Budda watches over the Large Koi

5 of 21: Imported from Japan, 2 platinum, 3 Kohaku and 3 Sanke Koi.

6 of 21: Koi in large pond.

7 of 21: Kohaku and Sanke Koi

8 of 21: Smokey Joe, guarding his fish.

9 of 21: Pond before major landscaping added another waterfall and bamboo.

10 of 21: 11 X 20 Shed by JORDE. Ramp and door designed to allow a Suzuki LTZ400 to drive in for service.

11 of 21: Amateur Radio, N9XT. This is my tower and multiband antenna.

12 of 21: Ever see a garlic this big before?

13 of 21: Lower pond outline defined.

14 of 21: After 1 day of digging, it's form is determined.

15 of 21: Leveling and adding support blocks.

16 of 21: 24 X 15 EPDM liner is heavy.

17 of 21: Liner in place.

18 of 21: Trimmed and ready for water.

19 of 21: The junction spillway between the upper and lower pond.

20 of 21: Koi are now in new home.

21 of 21: Budda watches over all.

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Bryan 3 years ago

Dr Dave! You should submit this in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started. Good luck!

Nancy in Ventura 7 years ago

Dr. Dave! Wonderful use of your landscape to create paradise! If I ever have a yard large enough in which to put a pond yours is an inspiration! I like the use of the goose neck lights near the que! I am beginning to design mine and I liked your design!!

Bryan 7 years ago

Love your yard DrDave! Looks like a sanctuary.

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