Coyote Creek, North Side Mining Co & Railroad

CoyoteCreek in Valley Springs, CA

NEWEST PROJECT. Starting on the north side of the yard across from the pool and Saloon, we built a landscaped berm to serve as a natural fence and fireblock to the house and north side of the property. An old shack was used for the start of the "Coyote Creek Assay Office" and a 2nd water tower with functioning sleuce boxes was placed next to the shack. Water is pumped from a 275 gallon storage tank up into the water tower and down the sleuce boxes. Once the in ground pool is complete with the rock waterfall, the sleuce boxes will be attached to the top of the waterfall, cascading into the pool.

Back Yard Covered Patio Fireplace Flower Close-ups Fun for Kids Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Lawn Outbuilding Pond Spa Water Fountain Waterfall

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5 of 11: Existing water tower over pond

6 of 11: BEFORE; We tore down the old fence and built a landscaped berm

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8 of 11: 60 feet of sleuce boxes

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