Coyote Creek Ranch

CoyoteCreek in United States

Built in 1946 the yard has been flat pasture and old barbed wire fencing until we purchased in 05. It's been work in progress ever since. Starting with clearing the pasture of old cars, fencing and debris a pond was then dug. The dirt from the hole went directly behind the pond for landscaping and neighbor privacy. We live in Gold Country that is rich with history and wanted to accent the history surrounding us. And old mine shaft was created and built into the bank along with an old mining car. Sleuce boxes and other mining history are featured throughout the yard as well. A water tower, pump box with water wheel and 10ft waterfall serve as the background. What western themed yard is complete without its own saloon full of memorabilia? Still a long way to go....

Back Yard Before & After Covered Patio Fun for Kids Lawn Outbuilding Pond Very Large (10,000 sq ft - Half Acre) Water Feature Water Fountain Water-Wise Waterfall

1 of 14: Starting from flat pasture, the pond was dug first, then the hill was landscaped. The landscaping took a year to grow and cover the back bank.

2 of 14: Next the water tower was built and the wistera planted around the bottom.

3 of 14: Waterfall and Landscaping

4 of 14: Pond, waterfall, sleuce box fountain, mine shaft, watertower (View from Saloon)

5 of 14: The back of the old garage before the Saloon.

6 of 14: The saloon built against the old back wall of the garage.

7 of 14: Sleuce box/fountain, saloon

8 of 14: View from saloon

9 of 14: View from inside Saloon

10 of 14: Pond

11 of 14: Converted old pumphouse into mining shack

12 of 14: Directional western sign decor

13 of 14: The view from pool

14 of 14: Looking out onto back pasture

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This is such a unique yard you've created. You should submit this in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started. This is exactly what the producers are looking for. Good Luck!

Two wagon wheels (purchased from Harbor Freight) were screwed together and wooden slats used in between. Sorry, no photo's. Will try and get some close up photo's for you.

I was wondering how the water wheel was made...if you have any photos

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