Aquascape, Inc.

Aquascape Inc. in Saint Charles, IL

Aquascape's signature pond was installed in July 2008, replacing an ugly retention area in front of the company's office and warehouse building. The pond is 250' x 90' and replicates the Illinois watershed.

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1 of 9: View of the water feature as seen from the green roof.

2 of 9: The main waterfalls and the rocky berm made to resemble the Galena, Illinois area.

3 of 9: Close-up view of the main 10-foot waterfall. This is the one that has the grotto behind it.

4 of 9: Inside the grotto. The waterfalls are on the left and the entrance is on the right.

5 of 9: View of the smaller waterfalls that cascade from the vanishing edge of the pond.

6 of 9: Branches extend from the wetlands area.

7 of 9: The view of the central, slower-moving part of the pond as seen from the patio.

8 of 9: Previous patio with RainXchange rainwater harvesting system underground.

9 of 9: Aquatic bowls sit atop recycled decks that resemble lily pads. Limestone stepping stones traverse the pond.

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Amazing showcase for your clients to see as they walk in the building. Incredible.

From Ron & Eydies garden pond - Hey that is so nice looking what kind of pump system do you have?
You did an awsome job

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