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Yard Map Search Results

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Yard Search Results
  • Casa de Bermudez
    Casa de Bermudez

    Location: Matthews

    Owner: Carolinaredhed

    Red carolina clay,need some curb ideas,especially the walkway and front porch,maybe change the color of the shutters,husband is from Arizonia and im from N.C i call us shabby chic meets southwest!Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! ...

  • This yard needs help
    This yard needs help

    Location: Charlotte

    Owner: mandagray80

    Maybe 1 acre poison ivy infested nasty looking piece of land...

  • Front Garden
    Front Garden

    Location: Hillsborough

    Owner: Nancy McFarland McCallister

    Large natural area in the front of the house....

  • My Mimosa
    My Mimosa


    Owner: TheBOXERSMom

    I first saw this tree in a friend\'s yard in NC. I wanted one. They gave me a twig in a clay pot. That was in 2005. Here it is today, May 2011. I love it!...

  • Cottage Garden update
    Cottage Garden update

    Location: Hickory

    Owner: Geraldine Dean

    Here are some pictures of my flowerbeds next to the house. I added a few new plants, and you can see how much the older plants have grown. You\'ll also get a better lay of the land, and see how much of a slope my garden is growing on. I added a few pics of what the garden looks like in between it\'s...

  • Pickles Peaceful Place
    Pickles Peaceful Place

    Location: Vale

    Owner: ampicklz

    Our yard started out with nothing planted in it 10 years ago. Planting and growing things has become our hobby and we get so much pleasure from it and satisfaction as it becomes more beautiful each year. Nothin professional about it, just country gardeners planting plants we enjoy and sharing them w...

  • American Pie
    American Pie

    Location: Denver

    Owner: TheBOXERSMom

    Hubby\'s not a gardener but he does love a beautiful green yard. Difficult in our area without an underground sprinkler system; He manages to do a beautiful job. Hard work as all yard and gardening is and rewarding....

  • Backyard Fence Line
    Backyard Fence Line

    Location: Denver

    Owner: TheBOXERSMom

    We have about an acre; 3/4 is fenced for the safety of the dogs. My husband loves his grass! So I get the fence line areas all the way around - It\'s plenty for me to work with. I like to be able to see what\'s lurking around the area so I don\'t plant heavily. The Cowboy w/lil\' fellow is about 21 ...

  • Front Entry
    Front Entry

    Location: Denver

    Owner: TheBOXERSMom

    Walking up to the front entry, I wanted lots of color and texture throughout the summer. I started with the monkey grass, using 2 different Coleus\' and Silvermound. I was pleased with it. The summer before this I discovered coleus didn\'t have to be in a pot! ...

  • Spring in Faeryhollow
    Spring in Faeryhollow

    Location: Hendersonville

    Owner: Barbara Stanley

    Our home is 25 acres located on property that has been in my husband\'s family for over 70 years. It\'s on the edge of the forest, with many native trees, shrubs, and plants that I try to include in the garden plan....

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