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Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Yards
     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front Yard

    Front Yard

    Owner: mrspianomanb Location: Cheektowaga

    Front yard needs some updating....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: front 1

    front 1

    Owner: DukitLee Location: st. augustine


     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: friendship yard

    friendship yard

    Owner: tippytowz Location: sunnyvale

    it has a semi small area fill with ugly rocks rite now, and then there is a side yard that is full of weeds currently...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: front slope

    front slope

    Owner: 7927zor1 Location:

    I hate the slope on the side of the house but can't afford an expensive installation of a retaining wall. I need ideas....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: California Garden Of Paradise

    California Garden Of Paradise

    Owner: Jasonlee2233 Location: Aliso viejo

    3 beautiful well maintained lawns of perfect marathon ii sod. Rose garden of 4 total in front(includes Paradise Rose, Plum, Lavender, and one ketchup and mustard by itself next to the birds of paradise to blend in colors), two out of this world bougainvillea's, lush birds of paradise and large pal...



    Owner: Lawn Wars TV Show Location: Los Angeles

    From the SuperDelicious, the producers of The Food Network's hit television show "Cupcake Wars" - we are casting for a new television show about people, their lawns (gardens, or yards) and all of the excitement that goes with the pride of having the best (or worst!) yard in the town. Do you have ...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Kids garden - Back Yard

    Kids garden - Back Yard

    Owner: _x_Aydin_x_ Location: Melbourne

    Outdoor entertaining with the kids in mind...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: permaculture retention area

    permaculture retention area

    Owner: Sally Hess Location: Dunedin

    A portion of a townhouse development's storm water retention area planted using permaculture methods and philosophy. It is gradually becoming more than 50% perennial edibles. Even the "landscaped" areas are edible plants where possible....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: East Back Yard

    East Back Yard

    Owner: Shari Williams Myers Location: Oklahoma City

    Long and narrow with straggly hedges in a rock bed, sparse flowers & yard art. Minimal grass -- maximum dogs...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: front yard

    front yard

    Owner: FUBO Location: Bronx

    small front yard in a cozy co op. we have a 6x8 lawn. two flower beds along the front of the house 6x3 each and a hedge wall by the front fence...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Home


    Owner: outdoorgirl Location: Atlanta

    A work in progress. Very little progress so far. We only have old privet shrubs. I'd like to add steps from the curb, a walkway, picket fence, establish a small lawn, and a mix of annuals, perennials/shrubs, herbs and fruit trees....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Yarish


    Owner: Laurel Keating Location: Lumby

    nice big yard...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: my front yard dream

    my front yard dream

    Owner: Pipewrench Location: tallman

    my front yard is about 20 ft X 30 ft. the house has an enclosed porch with the door on the side. so it is difficult for me to decide on a focal point. i would love to give it incredible curb appeal. as you can see from the pics it is plain looking and as people drive by, i would love for them to loo...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: forclosed yard

    forclosed yard

    Owner: matttysonrupp Location: pasco

    has three car garage and drive way in front whole yard is perfectly flat, front lawn is completly dead.. and i have an ugly view of the front door and a bedroom window that i would like to take focus off of...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Skiba Front Yard

    Skiba Front Yard

    Owner: rcskiba Location: La Mesa

    My house has a giant fence in the front yard. The previous owners built a courtyard with pebble rocks, lava rocks, sectioned off bark w/ trees and stepping stones. On the other side of the fence is all bark. So when you are looking at our house from the curb, you see garage, fence and bark. The curb...

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