Courtyard Pool and Backyard Oasis

Cheryl Meyne in Jacksonville Beach, FL

New addition to our home included a courtyard pool with garden. We also have recently completed our Backyard garden to create a private Oasis our family enjoys.

Back Yard Front Yard Garden Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Pool Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock Sunroom Tropical Garden Water Fountain Water-Wise

1 of 20: I designed and created our courtyard pool area with a desire to recreate an italian villa I live in years ago in Italy. The arches are screened in which virtually illiminate summer bug life from entering our courtyard. We love it!

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5 of 20: In the spring and the fall, here in NE FL we open all of the doors and our Florida Room becomes a part of our Courtyard pool area!

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7 of 20: Recently completed Backyard Garden. I choose and planted all the trees and plants (except for the large pines and oaks that were there originally.) I love to have my morning cup of coffee on this comfortable bench.

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Beautiful yard. An inspiration to those of us who live in Jacksonville. Thanks for sharing.

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