Swimming Pool to Rainwater Harvesting Conversion

This is the first yard in north America to convert a conventional swimming pool to a rainwater harvesting system, which harvests rainwater for future irrigation water. The resulting garden is stunning.

Back Yard Before & After Fireplace Garden Hardscape Lighting Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Retaining Wall Tropical Garden Water Fountain Water-Wise Waterfall

1 of 18: This before photo shows the swimming pool after it was drained.

2 of 18: The rainwater harvesting tanks are installed into the former swimming pool.

3 of 18: Tanks are installed

4 of 18: Gravel is laid, then topped of with 12in of soil.

5 of 18: The garden on top features this Basalt fountain

6 of 18: Secret passage way

7 of 18: Pondless waterfall

8 of 18: Firepit surrounded by custom bench

9 of 18: Fire and water

10 of 18: Cozy spot on a cold night

11 of 18: Amazing

12 of 18: Enviroscape Founder Mike Garcia sits atop the waterfall created by Enviroscape.

13 of 18: This garden is magic

14 of 18: Amazing color

15 of 18: The most vibrant garden of Los Angeles

16 of 18: Basalt fountain

17 of 18: 3 Basalt spires complete this shade garden

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