Stunning Garden for Television Show

Enviroscape in United States

This amazing landscape was installed by EnviroscapeLA for the television show "Fix This Yard" on A & E Television. It features a pondless waterfall built over a rainwater harvesting system, drip irrigation, native plants, low voltage lighting, and the driveway is made of recycled tires.

Before & After Curb Appeal Driveway Front Yard Lawn Lighting Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Water Fountain Water-Wise Waterfall

1 of 30: Filming the last scenes

2 of 30: pre-grass

3 of 30: The BEFORE Photo

4 of 30: The crew has began working to transform a nothing yard into paradise.

5 of 30: The building of the front porch

6 of 30: The building of the pondless waterfall has begun

7 of 30: Filming of the driveway installation

8 of 30: The making of the pondless waterfall

9 of 30: The installation of the sub-surface driup irrigation system for grass.

10 of 30: installing the basin for the pondless waterfall

11 of 30: Subsurface drip irrigation is installed for the future grass

12 of 30: the liner is laid for the waterfall

13 of 30: The planting has begun.

14 of 30: Tamping the driveway for rubber installation

15 of 30: building of the waterfall

16 of 30: Installing the recycled tire driveway

17 of 30: The finished garden

18 of 30: The native garden surrounds a fountain

19 of 30: Native garden with a Rain garden

20 of 30: The waterfall and planting is stunning

21 of 30: Native plants look great together.

22 of 30: A view of paradise

23 of 30: The planted waterfall is all done

24 of 30: Broken concrete was reused for the front walk way

25 of 30: the finished waterfall is all planted

26 of 30: Grass surrounds this garden paradise

27 of 30: The completed garden

28 of 30: Rain garden complements the native garden to the left

29 of 30: A nice balance of grass and native plants

30 of 30: The finished landscape

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