Super small yard now has an in-ground spa

Sandi Clarke in Garland, TX

When I bought my (very small) house, it had a very small yard, a lot of shade and the grass wouldn't grow very well. In 2002, I decided to give up on the grass by putting in a pond/water garden with gravel surrounding it, all of which I did myself. After enjoying my pond for so many years, I always wished I could "swim" in the pond on hot Texas afternoons, so during the past couple of months, I changed the pond out for an in-ground spa of the same shape and size. After the spa was finished, I had to re-landscape the yard yet again and re-laid 2200 lbs. of gravel, but it was well worth it. It can also be heated and 8 jets turned on for lots of relaxing bubbles. Glass of wine in the spa, anyone?

Back Yard Before & After Garden Lighting Pool Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Spa Step by Step Project Stone / Rock Water Feature Waterfall

1 of 10: The spa today that used to be a water garden/pond.

2 of 10: This is the original water garden/pond that I built in 2002.

3 of 10: I absolutely loved my pond (as did my dog) and listening to the waterfall through the living room windows was very soothing. But on very hot Texas days, I always wished I could swim in the pond.

4 of 10: So I decided to change the pond out for an in-ground spa of the same size and shape. This is a picture of the hole dug out deeper, and the framing and rebar.

5 of 10: The spa gets concreted. Now there is mud everywhere!

6 of 10: I took the boulders and rocks that previously lined my pond and used them to frame the spa so it would have the same look as the pond did, including a waterfall.

7 of 10: The interior of the spa gets plastered with PebbleTec which gives the inside a very fine stone finish to retain the natural look.

8 of 10: The spa is finished!

9 of 10: The spa waterfall.

10 of 10: My finished spa sits about 12 people comfortably and there's nothing quite like a glass of wine in the spa when the sun goes down and the stars come out.

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Bryan 3 years ago

Hi Sandi! You should submit this in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started. It would be perfect!

Cheliams Toro 4 years ago

Defenetly love this idea for my back yard.Could you be so kind to send the info size,depth,etc.. Thank's

Mattemma 4 years ago

My dh would love one of these!

Steve 2 5 years ago

this is the nicest looking spa i have seen. i love the natural look

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