My own suburban Eden

I own a very small two-bedroom house which has an even smaller L-shaped back yard. After buying the house and struggling to make the grass grow under the shade trees I finally decided to dig a pond and surround it with gravel and potted plants.
After several years of enjoying the pond, the waterfall and adding some fish, I felt an ongoing desire to "swim" in the pond on the hot Texas summer days.
Finally, early in 2010 I changed the pond into an in-ground spa-ool that can be heated in winter, and still enjoyed in summer.
I have done all the landscaping of my yard myself and it is relatively maintenance free.

Back Yard Before & After Garden Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Spa Stone / Rock Water-Wise Waterfall

1 of 12: My own suburban Eden after the fish pond was replace with an in-ground spa/ool

2 of 12: The original fish pond.

3 of 12: Digging out the spa-ool in the same shape and size as the fish pond, but deeper and includes a seat.

4 of 12: Framing the spa-ool and adding in the pipes

5 of 12: Reebar is added for strength

6 of 12: The concrete is poured 10 inches thick

7 of 12: The rocks and boulders that surrounded the fish pond are retained and used to "frame" the edge of the spa-ool

8 of 12: The pebble finish plaster is sprayed on the inside of the spa-ool

9 of 12: The finished spa-ool.

10 of 12: Looking from the patio to the spa-ool.

11 of 12: The patio near the spa-ool

12 of 12: Rock area near entrance to the spa-ool.

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Sandy, your yard and pool are amazing! Would you consider consulting me on a DIY conversion of my mother's backyard pond? She is no longer able to maintain the fish, and a pool would help attract visitors. Please contact me if you are willing to discuss.

This is most impressive! I am purchasing a house in Fort Worth with a similarly small L-shaped back yard. Would you mind sharing any helpful info as far as pricing and maintenance? I had a large above-ground spa at my previous home but this is so much more attractive! Thanks for any helpful suggestions; you have created an amazing outdoor space! Kathy

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