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All Gardens Pictures & Design Ideas

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    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Apartment Yard

    Apartment Yard

    Owner: Slayla Location: Belleview

    My attempt at growing a vegetable garden in my limited space. Our landlord allowed us a small strip of the land for us to grow some edibles but I wish it was the whole yard....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The backyard

    The backyard

    Owner: Micaella Martinez Grant Location: Livermore

    Many changes to our backyard... here we go......

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Creating Paradise

    Creating Paradise

    Owner: Enviroscape Location: Los Angeles

    This album documents the before and after of a native garden built around a water garden. It was all just a lawn when we began the transformation....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Backyard Pond & Chickens

    Backyard Pond & Chickens

    Owner: Enviroscape Location: Los Angeles

    My Backyard has a 5000 gallon rainwater harvesting system, Koi pond, waterfalls, solar power, chickens, tortoise and veggie gardens. We have been the object of many garden tours. This is a treat to see....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Forclosured back yard

    Forclosured back yard

    Owner: heather morris Location: Moreno Valley

    This yard was in desperate need of some tender, love and care, to say the least!! Fences were down, knee high weeds, concrete like soil.....DID I MENTION I WAS 9 MONTHS PREGNANT when we moved into this?! LOL. I desperately wanted a yard our son could enjoy when he began walking! We literally had...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Back Yard

    Back Yard

    Owner: mrspianomanb Location: Cheektowaga

    This yard also needs a little redoing....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front Yard

    Front Yard

    Owner: mrspianomanb Location: Cheektowaga

    Front yard needs some updating....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: front 1

    front 1

    Owner: DukitLee Location: st. augustine


    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: friendship yard

    friendship yard

    Owner: tippytowz Location: sunnyvale

    it has a semi small area fill with ugly rocks rite now, and then there is a side yard that is full of weeds currently...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Back Yard

    Back Yard

    Owner: Karenathome Location: Cattaraugus

    Yard is on a slope down from the house to a pond. I have several ideas, just waiting for spring! I would like to terrace out about 5 feet, then put in a small retaining wall with the rocks that were dug up when the house was build last fall. I have drains from the downspouts that I would like to ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Host Gardens

    Host Gardens

    Owner: FoodShedProductions Location: Longmont

    Spring 2012 - Preparing Transplants for the Host Gardens and future clients of FoodShedProductions on the Front Range of Colorado. 40' x 60' Row Garden - Site Preparation 33' Geodesic Dome - Preparation and planting!...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Veggie Garden

    Veggie Garden

    Owner: zawieracz Location: Austin

    For years gardening is my hobby; however, this is the first year I will grow my own veggies. It took me two months to build my raised beds garden. I started with digging the grass out, building boxes, applying crashed granite to walking paths, filling boxes with natural soil from the natural nurse...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front Yard

    Front Yard

    Owner: thunt34 Location: Cleveland


    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Vintage Roses

    Vintage Roses

    Owner: vintageroses Location:

    The theme of my yard, is of course Roses filled with English and Old Garden Roses, and I love using cottage style companion plants such as: poppies, obedient plants, pansies, zinnias, marigolds, lamb's ears, and english lavender...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: A place to relax and reflect.

    A place to relax and reflect.

    Owner: Grace Location: Pickering

    This front yard is our private little abode and our labour of love. When we purchased this new home, there was nothing but grass. So we decided to take on the task of building this garden. Year after year it kept growing and growing. Now it’s about five years old and is mostly filled with perennia...

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