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Lark in Dousman, WI

This year in my Wisconsin zone 4-5 we had ALOT of rain. The gardens are really starting to bloom. Shade gardening is one of my favorite, challenging. Please come take a stroll through my yard. I hope you enjoy it.

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1 of 30: The back of our home is facing the gardens and woods. Since we have alot of windows, it was important that we have a constant variety of flowers blooming. It took me 12 years but I think I FINALLY achieved Spring, Summer and Fall interest. My Winter interest is left up to nature and my art pieces.

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7 of 30: I am not a collector of daylillies, infact I didn\'t have any the first 5 years of gardening. I thought because they only bloom one day what\'s the point. My Mom got me hooked on them. I am choosey. They must be one of the following: Fragrant, strong branched stems, many blooms and LATE blooming. I do love the spidery ones alot.

8 of 30: This is a early blooming short (24 inches) phlox and VERY FRAGRANT. Carolina Phlox. Foliage ALWAYS looks good. I cut it back after blooming for a neat and tiddy look the rest of the seasons.

9 of 30: Linum or Blue Flax is VERY DROUGHT TOLERANT. The texture it has adds a different look to the garden. And ofcourse I like the BLUE.

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14 of 30: This is a wonderful native plant \'Banebery\' or Doll\'s Eyes. It comes in red or white. I like the red berries, it really brightens up the shade area. The foliage looks fernlike.

15 of 30: Hens and chicks grow so good in this hot sandy area. Do you believe it, my bunnies love to eat them over Winter. I know lay chicken wire over them until Spring. This one is almost a burgundy color.

16 of 30: This Hens and Chicks is a light green with red tips. Nice contrast.

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20 of 30: Blue Charm Veronica, 3-4 feet high and if deadheaded blooms for 2 months in my gardens. A very nice powder blue.

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22 of 30: Anna Belle Hydrangea and the very tall Queen of the Prairie. People always ask what the tall pink plume flower is...it really knocks your socks off.

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24 of 30: This is the second year for these succulents in these pots. I bought them in 2 inch pots and very small. They loved it outside. They even bloomed for me. I have to bring them in and put them in my south windows.

25 of 30: I love the deep color of this daylilly.

26 of 30: Seaholly is usually an eyestopper. Different and steel BLUE looks great with alot of other colors.

27 of 30: Old fashion Tiger Lillies give me great height in the garden.

28 of 30: Clustered Bellflower

29 of 30: Old fashion hollyhocks are a must in all cottage gardens. I hope to use more next year.

30 of 30: BLUE Balloon Flower blooms a long time if deadheaded.

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Wow! Stunning, beautiful yard.

I have the perfect spot for this daylily with that deep, deep color and would love to add it to my garden. What's its name?

In my Wisconsin zone 4-5 landscape a few drought tolerant plants are: russian sage, nepeta, basket of gold allysum, sedums (a new variety-Blackjack or Purple Emperor), yucca, spurge, baptisia, meadow sage(Maynite) and veronica (Sunny Border Blue, Red Fox). I think if you stick with some of your native plants that are drought tolerant (google it) you should have good luck. Also most drought tolerant plants need regular watering UNTIL THEY ARE WELL ESTABLISHED. Thank you for strolling my gardens a

AS always, you don't fail to provide us beautiful views of your yard. Could you name some of the drought tolerant plants. I am currently setting up my yard in Florida. Since I will not be there most of the time, I need plants that will flower with less watering

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