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Lark in Dousman, WI

www.larksperennials.com This time of the year in my Wisconsin zone 4-5 garden we get alittle rain and alot more heat. The dew point is as high as the temperature. I usually do my garden work starting at 5:30 a.m. when it is much cooler. I move to the shade of the woods in the heat of the day.

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2 of 25: Brown Eyed Susans, branched coneflower native to Wisconsin. I call it MY LET IT GO CRAZY plant. If you don\'t want it all over your garden be sure to deadhead it BEFORE it goes to seed. The birds and butterflies love it.

3 of 25: Globe Thistle adds great texture and form. The spider daylilly adds that contrast I love.

4 of 25: This light yellow daylilly, Whirl of Lace is planted close to my path, it is fragrant.

5 of 25: I wish the flowers lasted longer they are sooooooooo pretty.

6 of 25: I have to keep the lillies caged with chicken wire so my BUNNIES don\'t eat them. This is an oriental and so fragrant.

7 of 25: This SUPER TUNIA, Blue Velvet just keeps blooming and blooming. No deadheading the still looks good in the heat of August.

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12 of 25: This is a new variety for me of morning glory. I won\'t use it again. Too many of the flowers were mostly white. This varigated is pretty but not enough of them.

13 of 25: Starfire Phlox

14 of 25: Tiger Lilly, I love the form and the height.

15 of 25: So fragrant and at least 5 feet tall.

16 of 25: Obedient Plant

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18 of 25: The tall Great Blue Lobelia is an excellent reseeder. I let it go crazy for awhile...now I am deadheading it I have enough. I also cut some back in June to have them bloom shorter and later in the gardens.

19 of 25: Butterflies and the finches love bothe of these perennials.

20 of 25: The tall Joepye puts on quite a show. This one is 'Gateway' and I love the deep burgundy stems it has. Left front is 'Wyoming' Canna and right is Smoke Bush I like the burgundy foliage on both.

21 of 25: A late blooming Allium adds a nice globe form.

22 of 25: The burgundy plant is a house plant 'Moses in the Bullrush'. It is in the spiderwort family and is not hardy here in Wisconsin. Some say it is invasive in the warmer climates. I LOVE the deep purple foliage. I bring a couple plants in for the Winter and start cuttings in January.

23 of 25: My Grandkids love standing under this giant Joepye and looking up at the butterflies.

24 of 25: So majestic!

25 of 25: I planted this Hibiscus a couple of years ago and wow do they put on a show. The two kinds I have, the foliage is a burgundy color Copper King.

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I love your oriental lilies. I have them, too, but my problem isn't with bunnies--rather those horrible orange lily beetles. Are you bothered at all by these pests? If so, do you have any suggestions for dealing with them?

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