Fire Ring Garden

Naturescapes Garden in Orrville, OH

Patio and landscaping around fire ring. I built the fire ring around 2013 with hopes to add a patio and more landscape beds. This past Memorial Day weekend was the time to add the patio. I started digging on May 25th 2017. Enjoy the progress photos.

Back Yard Before & After Firepit Flower Close-ups Garden Hardscape Lawn Path / Walkway Patio Pergola / Arbor Retaining Wall Rock Garden Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock

1 of 12: Photo taken just after I started digging.

2 of 12: Excavation complete!

3 of 12: Just started digging.

4 of 12: Excavation complete!

5 of 12: Pavers and sand placed!

6 of 12: Base material done! Time for sand and pavers.

7 of 12: Base has been compacted.

8 of 12: Pavers in!

9 of 12: Cuts complete.

10 of 12: North side of patio landscaped.

11 of 12: South side of patio landscaped.

12 of 12: Patio complete!!!

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