Lucky on the lake

David & kay Miller in Pittsburg, TX

My wife Kay and I relocated here when we retired five years ago. We have been working renovating the inside and the outside ever since. The front yard received a minor transition of adding several beds around the pecan trees and in front of the walkway. The backyard has been almost completely renovated from a multi-level deck, covered porch and new shed with Kay's planting porch in the upper back yard, to a multi-level shade garden on a sloped hill side bordered on one side by a water feature over 100 feet long with five falls, new retaining wall with boardwalk on the lake frontage bordered in the yard by terraced beds with a multitude of plants, and fire pit with stone benches. And every board, stone, shovel of dirt, and plant placed by Kay and I alone.

Back Yard Deck Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Hardscape Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Lawn Lighting Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Outbuilding Shade Garden Stone / Rock Waterfall

1 of 28: Creek and shade garden, with the water running in the creek from the falls

2 of 28: Our shoreline from the lake

3 of 28: View of upper bed and falls for water feature

4 of 28: My view every morning when I eat breakfast

5 of 28: Upper deck area and new shed

6 of 28: View of sitting area by upper falls

7 of 28: Upper bed and start of water feature

8 of 28: Middle falls of water feature and shade garden

9 of 28: View of south side of shade garden and creek bed

10 of 28: View of shade garden from deck

11 of 28: Middle falls and bridge over the creek

12 of 28: View of upper falls from the shade garden

13 of 28: View of upper falls area

14 of 28: Middle falls and azaleas by the fire pit area

15 of 28: Standing in the shade garden looking up

16 of 28: view from the lower back yard

17 of 28: View of creek and shade garden from the deck

18 of 28: Iris blooming in terraced bed by the lake

19 of 28: Another iris blooming in terraced beds by the lake

20 of 28: A little friend enjoying the azaleas blooming

21 of 28: Rose bed in front yard

22 of 28: View of bed around pecan tree and azaleas in front yard

23 of 28: Old and new of hillside and upper water feature

24 of 28: View of shade garden before and after

25 of 28: Old-new view of upper bed, upper falls and creek

26 of 28: Shoreline before and after

27 of 28: Old-new left side of front yard

28 of 28: Old-new right side of front yard

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I love it by the water very nice place

Spelling correction :0. Simply beautiful!

Enjoyed the tour of your yard. Simple beautiful! I love all the water features you have. "Retirement" seems to agree with you. Happy gardening! Lynn

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