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    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My own suburban Eden

    My own suburban Eden

    Owner: Sandi Clarke Location: Garland

    I own a very small two-bedroom house which has an even smaller L-shaped back yard. After buying the house and struggling to make the grass grow under the shade trees I finally decided to dig a pond and surround it with gravel and potted plants. After several years of enjoying the pond, the water...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The Garden of Eat\'n

    The Garden of Eat'n

    Owner: divaqs Location: Renton

    In 2003 I bought my house with ½ acre of land and quickly launched an ongoing project of re-landscaping my yard with all edibles. My neighbors were alarmed when I dug up my front yard and began making dramatic changes. One neighbor came over to ask me what I was doing and after hearing that I was r...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Brenda Watts

    Brenda Watts

    Owner: Brenda Maxwell Watts Location: Gaffney

    Now that the kids are grown and on the own...the hubby and I like to live incognito, so we most of the time let the yard make it's own statement...but sometimes we will have someone stop by asking "Is anyone living here anymore"...The hubby just nod's and scruggs his shoulders and they drive away......

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: And the rest of the story....

    And the rest of the story....

    Owner: Ronda Janie Jurkiewicz Location:

    I'm really new to gardening and this place literally used to be an illegal dump, after much trash removal and clearing...I am starting to change it greatly....we have a creek that runs along side the property...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Pool and charlie the sea horse

    Pool and charlie the sea horse

    Owner: Ronda Janie Jurkiewicz Location:

    Approx. 9 acres in the back like the front yard it's a work in progress...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: front yard

    front yard

    Owner: Ronda Janie Jurkiewicz Location:

    This is actually outdated a bit. I have been working for seven months and now I have spanish moss all over everything but these are close...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Landscaping Toronto

    Landscaping Toronto

    Owner: MegJones Location: Toronto

    We offer maintenance, garden supplies, design, paths, fencing, decks, landscaping, stonework, woodwork, snow removal, sod, lighting, interlocking patio stones, irrigation, and basically anything your outdoor home or business requires to stay beautiful and functional. http://www.landscapingtoronto...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Holdsworth Victory Garden

    Holdsworth Victory Garden

    Owner: yourownvictorygarden Location: Plano

    My Victory Garden and back yard in Plano, Texas....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Blank Canvas - Front yard

    Blank Canvas - Front yard

    Owner: Jess Ferguson Location: Fort Mill

    Front yard also bland, unsure of what to do!...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Blank Canvas - Side Yard

    Blank Canvas - Side Yard

    Owner: Jess Ferguson Location: Fort Mill

    Any advice on what do plant would be much appreciated. Next to the house I feel like it just doesn't look well organized....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Blank Canvas - Back Yard

    Blank Canvas - Back Yard

    Owner: Jess Ferguson Location: Fort Mill

    Corner lot with much needed privacy (in which we added). But I need ideas on where to put trees. The four oak trees in the back are dying (one has died already). And I want to put in different kind of trees. I would also like some more garden areas but aren't sure where to put them....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: A hidden vineyard escape...

    A hidden vineyard escape...

    Owner: Wenikikini Location: Amarillo

    When we finally got the side of the house all set up, garden growing and everything. I decided to plant some grapes. I thought it would take up the extra space on the side. Every year I thought they died so I bought another 2 plants and planted them.. then the 3rd year.. all 6 of them came up like m...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Kitchen Side Garden

    Kitchen Side Garden

    Owner: Wenikikini Location: Amarillo

    This is what I can see out my kitchen window. It has changed several times as well. It was 16 foot long, by 4 foot wide. Now it's 12 foot long, by 3 foot wide and raised 20 inches off the ground. :) ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Average Back Yard

    Average Back Yard

    Owner: Wenikikini Location: Amarillo

    Backyard has come a long way! If I am proud of anything.. its my backyard. The fence sunk and so did the yard shortly after moving in and getting everything set up. Took a really long time to get the people out here to fix it. This is just a starter home. OUR real home is yet to come! This went from...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Perfect Summer

    Perfect Summer

    Owner: Mick Fisher Location: Langhorne

    Clam shell is from the Marshal Islands...

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