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Water Fountain Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Water Fountain Yards
     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Chic-E-Tiki


    Owner: chic-e-tiki Location: Ventura

    My backyard area featuring chic-e-tiki Garden statues and Fountains....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: front yard

    front yard

    Owner: Pamela Jean Hansen Location: Hoopeston

    I have about 3 feet from the foundation of my house out into the yard that has stones as the outside base and is full of weeds I want to dig it all out and put rocks and plants in it...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Our own Paradise

    Our own Paradise

    Owner: Twilight Location:

    Lots of greenery, flowers, walkways with the addition of a pool, spa, outdoor kitchen and a dining area. This space is complete with a sand volleyball court. We have worked hard on this space to make it a relaxing place....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Summer wonderland

    Summer wonderland

    Owner: Karen Nelson Location: Laguna Beach

    Nestled in the canyons of Laguna Beach sits my summer wonderland. This eco friendly deck is made of Trek Deck recycled material and astro turf lawn. We can cook, dine and relax while watching the ocean view sunsets off of this incredibly comfortable outdoor sofa. The nature color themes are repeate...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Rock Trail Yard

    Rock Trail Yard

    Owner: Location:

    Curb-side yard with front and side yard extremely visible from yard. ...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Courtyard


    Owner: Caligrl Location: El Dorado Hills

    The courtyard welcomes you to any of 3 different entrances to the house. ...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Pickles Peaceful Place

    Pickles Peaceful Place

    Owner: ampicklz Location: Vale

    Our yard started out with nothing planted in it 10 years ago. Planting and growing things has become our hobby and we get so much pleasure from it and satisfaction as it becomes more beautiful each year. Nothin professional about it, just country gardeners planting plants we enjoy and sharing them w...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: COPPOLA DESIGN


    Owner: 3D DESIGNS BY DAVID Location:

    This couple live in southern CA and have nothing but grass and weeds in there back yard. They had no idea what they wanted but needed a fun environment while on a budget. With our 3D design they fell in love with it and we exceeded there expectations. We are in the progress of building it....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Tustin House, backyard

    Tustin House, backyard

    Owner: Madeleine Location: Benicia

    Our Tustin House is a tri-level house on a split lot in the backyard. The deck, small pool, lawn and shade garden is on the upper lot and the pool, spa, and small vegetable garden are on the lower level. The entire back lot is line with cedar trees and beyond the trees is 'wild' open space. The...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Perennial strolling garden

    Perennial strolling garden

    Owner: Susie Fitzgerald Fox Location: Meridian


     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: AU-YEUNG


    Owner: 3D DESIGNS BY DAVID Location: Fresno

    This couple just bought a house and it had a bare dirt backyard and they had an idea of what they wanted. So we took it and brought it to life and this leads to a well thought out plan, less confusing and less costly because they got to see it before they built it....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Quiet Meditation

    Quiet Meditation

    Owner: Roseanna Harrison-Barnett Location: Albuquerque

    This yard would have a beautiful waterfall and pond along with beautiful landscaping to escape to from a rough day at work....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: mom Charlotte M

    mom Charlotte M

    Owner: Mom Location:

    I have been gardening for 25 years and always wanted to share some of my ideas in the hope that it would inspire others. Recently I found " Yard Ideas" and being new to the Internet I have been somwhat excited about this sight! I want to share my piece of earth and hope that it will excite you to a...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Jamma\'s Fairy Garden - Part II

    Jamma's Fairy Garden - Part II

    Owner: Location: Randle,

    Starting this part of the saga... my Fairy Garden is showing five years of cheerful work. My delight in seeing the basics well laid and some plantings begin to mature is boundless. Janet Drake...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Forest Gardening  PART II

    Forest Gardening PART II

    Owner: Location: Randle,

    Part I of our adventures in Forest Gardening began in 2006. Forty-one photos later I decided my slide show was beginning to put even ME to sleep. So here is more of our on-going retirement saga. Janet Drake...

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