Caligrl in El Dorado Hills, CA

The courtyard welcomes you to any of 3 different entrances to the house.

Garden General Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Other Yard Water Fountain

1 of 13: This is what you first see when you enter into courtyard from walkway up to front door.

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5 of 13: Front door and 1 of 2 french doors in courtyard.

6 of 13: Looking at walkway that leads back to front yard.

7 of 13: come and sit awhile.

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10 of 13: This bike was the very 1st inspiration that I placed in this courtyard. I love the feeling that it gives me.

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12 of 13: I just love my little Cherub, he's so cute.

13 of 13: This plant saucer made to look like a book reads so perfectly, The wind sent the flowers dancing.

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awesome job!!!! Love it ,love it, love it!!!!!

I love your work, it beautiful neat and detailed, gorgeous home!

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