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1 of 13: seeds germinating: Purple Alyssum, Marigolds, Achillea, Green Zinnias, Goblins, 4 o'clocks, Purple Coneflowers, and Star Flower Vine..

2 of 13: Couldn't pass this up while seed shopping --

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9 of 13: Plans to place a bench and flower bed here in the backyard.

10 of 13: Well, it will be below freezing for two days. Germinating seeds moved in the garage.

11 of 13: Debated on buying small terracotta pots for starting herb garden. I decided to save money and spray stone the small, cheap plastic ones that came from the nursery. However, you see one can of paint lasted for almost six pots. The paint was $5 and small terracottas were only $1a each. Well, I save a buck; that's all. Terracottas would last longer so I won't do that again.

12 of 13: Seeds back in the is crash in Florida this year. I have moved these in and out so many times that I lost track of what some of the sprouts should be. Guess I'll keep them container bound until they bloom. It's like being pregnant and not finding out the sex.

13 of 13: Blue Daze bought a month ago bloomed INDOORS!

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